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  1. Timsvtgen1

    Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    I scanned through here (and may have Missed it) but any idea on the approximate delay on the lay flat seat option? @Granger Ford ?
  2. Timsvtgen1

    Platinum "Black Unique seat color"

    Fwiw, from experience w/ Fords upholstery, if the word Unique is in there.. it’s something else complimenting the black. Ah well... guess it’ll be a wait and see sorta deal. lol
  3. Timsvtgen1

    Platinum "Black Unique seat color"

    Has anyone been able to find a picture on what exactly the Black Unique seat trim will look like in the Platinum? I am curious if it will be straight up black ( not so unique) or if it will have a design similar to the the last dark marsala?
  4. Timsvtgen1

    The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live This is more complete for now.
  5. Timsvtgen1

    Ford Shows off F-150 with Augmented Reality Software

    Link: From Automotive News- Ford to show off 2021 F-150 with augmented reality software Michael Martinez DETROIT — No auto show? No problem. The coronavirus pandemic is prohibiting consumers from getting an in-person look at Ford Motor Co.'s newest vehicles through...
  6. Timsvtgen1

    2021 F-150 Ordering / Production Dates [Order Guide, Order Bank Info]

    I checked blue oval forum and nothing. Typically the order guide comes out the day of or within a few days after the date the orders are first accepted (today).