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  1. What did you NOT expect, but LOVE about your '21 F-150?

    I used the speed limit recognition on a long trip from FL to Louisiana in October for the first time and I LOVED it changing the speed on a 3 hour stretch where I'm going through little towns. I thought I had read it would come to a complete stop, but I was too chicken to try it, ha. The Lane...
  2. Didn’t know my engine was edible! I opened the hood for the first time to check fluid levels and found this. May have occurred in the Dearborn lot.

    Last month a Louisiana field rat (big sucker) was getting under my hood and actually got in the wife's mini-van. After it eating the poison pellets, RAT-X like it was candy, eating Mouse Repellent Shake Away (that's main ingredient is "mint" and it suppose to deter them by the smell), this was...
  3. Pro Trailer back up assist stickers

    I had a check engine light, "engine knock sensor" come on before Christmas, left my truck at the Ford dealership for them to check it while I was out of town, they called, said it was a bad sensor, new one was back ordered, I said, fine, but can you check the OTA Updates and see if there are...
  4. Product recommendations for washing / waxing truck?

    Does anyone have recommendations for cleaning the engine compartment. I’ve seen some left overs from the rat (now dead) that had been getting under my hood.
  5. How to Fix Your Floppy Armrest for 10¢

    No I have the work surface and if I have the slightest slow forward it won't stay open.
  6. Pro Trailer back up assist stickers

    I'm guessing your dealer doesn't realized that we are at the end of the 4th quarter (yea I have stickers and they don't work for me either, April Build (didn't finish until July due to chip shortage) and as far as I can tell I've not gotten any OTA updates
  7. Windshield Washer Fluid Sprayers Weak - 2021 Platinum

    Mine stopped completely, but there was a mouse nest right next to my battery and it had chewed through the line (I had the hood open less than 10 days before so it was busy). but mine does cover the windshield (now that is has been repaired)
  8. Spray in Bed Liner or Bed Mat enough coverage?

    I had a 2002 F150 and had both and liked it. I felt like the spray in added a little weight to the bed and it rode better. I have a 2021 Lariat and have a spray in and just added a bed cover in Oct. When I do haul stuff I think it helps from stuff sliding around as much. As for "improving" the...
  9. MagSafe USB-C Charger Not Supported? (they sell on Amazon too), this could be the issue depending on what brand the current one you have is. Anker is known for NOT over charging your devices, and being very reasonably priced. They are the only chargers I buy.
  10. Yes....asking about Tonneau cover (another one). But I know what I want, so it should be easier

    I have the Leer HF650m and it is 4 panels instead of 3, but I liked that because it doesn't block the taillight if vertical and having 4 instead of 3 means the sections are smaller and not as heavy (if the kids/wife are folding it). No drain tubs, and has worked with the power tailgate good so...
  11. Pro Trailer back up assist stickers

    I got stickers and the sensor, (build date April 26), but don't have the option for the tickers.
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Removed a mouse nest from underneath my hood, right next to my battery. It was not there 10 days earlier (because I had the hood open and would have seen it). But we had a few days of "cold" (for north Louisiana) weather, enough I guess it was looking for a warm space and chewed through my...
  13. Ford Pass Siri Log In

    Nice, thanks for sharing, a pretty straight forward setup.
  14. Leer HF650M Tonneau Cover Review with Photos! - Install & First Impressions

    My only complaint with the HF650M were the directions, as you stated, " comes with a separate sticky gasket seal that probably goes there. The instructions weren't clear on that" I agree the installation would only take about 30 minutes unless you have little ones helping ha! I've been pleased...
  15. ICONIC SILVER F-150 (2021+) Club

    I'm not against chrome, but wanted to put the money for a chrome package toward something else, when I talked to a local dealer, I told them I wanted Lariat without the chrome package and without the sport package. He was dumbfounded and said "what does that leave then". I said, a truck that...
  16. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    I installed it on Sunday, so far so good, ha! We did have some rain this week, I think the only water that go in was when I opened the tailgate. I have the power tailgate and it works fine. The install was easy, I think it took "us" an hour (I had a 14 and 12 year old helping so we went...
  17. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    I decided on this one, ordered it last Tuesday, it came in on Friday, installed it Sunday. I got it from. - they have a 20% off coupon, but it wouldn't work, so I opened a web chat they said they are limited by how much they can discount from Leer, but gave...
  18. Looking for advice dealing with insurance on totaled vehicle

    You could also see what used ones are costing on autotrader or craigslist in a 200 mile radius of where you live on a 4runner that is close to the same mileage. That was what I did to try to figure out pricing on my 06 Tundra on what they were going for in around my area.
  19. Box Link Tie Down Anchors

    Thanks, I'll check it out. I just ordered a Leer HF 650M Tonneau. I like how easy they say it can be removed and the quad 4 I believe will have enough room for the bikes without removing.