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  1. Any other ECM modify software outside of Forscan?

    I wasn’t too worrrief about my laptop, I’d use a VM on my Mac to do it. More worried about someone implanting code on to the ECM to do crazy stuff with over cell connection…. Just some Goose Creek paranoia it’s all ;)
  2. Any other ECM modify software outside of Forscan?

    Sorry to hear that... Being from South Carolina did your sister/wife stay with you thru the rough years?
  3. Any other ECM modify software outside of Forscan?

    Thanks for the info... least Ford lets you modify the ECM, unlike other manufacturers you gotta install aftermarket ECM's to bypass the encryption..
  4. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Some states allow your license plate info to be viewed via motor vehicles upon request. If you ask for a plate and it comes up blocked, that means the person either has a restraining order against someone, or is law enforcement in some capacity. Go into a dealer and give them a VIN off a car...
  5. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Searched for ESP pricing and more goodies to get when it finally comes in..
  6. Invoice pricing on New F-150 Orders

    I'll never understand Ford's order process.... first one I ordered I had VIN/Build in under a week, others get em same day.. re-order with Chapman with higher priority code and nada/zip zilch... I know it's not Chapman as it's in the system, and only changes between orders was pull the 2.7...
  7. How would your dealership handle this situation?

    My first one would have just ignored all email or voice mails..
  8. How would your dealership handle this situation?

    My former dealer wpi;d hvae answered "we'll see what incentives or rebates are avaolable"
  9. Any other ECM modify software outside of Forscan?

    Sorry.. considering Russia is considered the hacker capital of the world, I'd prefer not to deal with a company that comes from there... I was never even comfortable installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus at work even though it did the best at detecting besides another brand who would nver return our...
  10. Disabled Rear Braking Assist

    I had to disable it on my Ram due to it locking the brakes because it thought the slope of the driveway was an obstacle and slamming on the brakes. Move 2 more feet, lock.. 2 more lock til I finally got past the point and it let me up.
  11. Rust on new transfer case? Normal?

    Yes, I'm well aware the body panels are aluminum, it made big news when Ford announced it years ago, Many cars have had aluminum hoods, trunks and roofs for years, so it's not a new concept. As someone who has worked in a body shop and restored a few cars, I'm well versed in rust and how to...
  12. Rust on new transfer case? Normal?

    If people are worried about surface rust on the thickest piece of iron on the truck, what's gonna happen with the first rock chip in the hood or door ding? I can see some trucks spending more time in body shop getting repainted then actually driven..
  13. Is KC holding trucks on lots?

    And they look like they got some good coasters and rides sorta named after Ford cars....
  14. First trip back to the dealership - Disappointing...

    I don't know the shop at all, but if it's anything like around here, they can't get qualified mech's to work on vehicles. My local RAM shop is a month out at least unless it's broken down, more if it's an "annoyance" issue...They opened a special "quick lube" place to handle all dealer oil...
  15. Didnt irder 4WD/FX4 will I regret it?

    In all fairness, the choice between 2WD and 4WD makes a difference in packages and powertrain configurations... I looked at modifying my order from a 4X4 XL RCSB with 5.0 and 3.73 locker to a 2X4 XLT RCSB with 5.0 and 3.73 locker til I found out to keep the gearing (best you can get in a short...
  16. The single cab club!

    Them days of ordering cars with individual options is long gone my friend, it's all "packages" that are dependent on other packages.. The price on the website does not include installation, Chapmans is charging me about half hour labor for the install (which after reading other guys installing...
  17. The single cab club!

    There is a thread on here that shows the DeeZee assist requires removing a tie down cleat, that made me add the Ford one to the order.
  18. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I dunno.. build date of 12/23 just before plant shuts down for the holiday... I'd run from that build date if I could..
  19. Rust on new transfer case? Normal?

    Find Only Rusted Differentials
  20. Battery Theft

    I'm not 100% sure to be honest how Tesla (or any manufacturer) plans to go about batter replacement. All I saw was a blurb in a article and a picture showing the battery pack/frame combo on 4 wheels. Perhaps they'll go the old VW Beetle route and bolt the body to the chassis and just swap...