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  1. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power

    All electronics are subject to faults these days. My sister had a brand new Mercedes and had nothing but problems. The trim on the driver and passenger door panels didn't even match! So all mass produced cars are subject to issues.
  2. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    Thanks, any chance you have a part number from the invoice? I tried looking and couldn't find the exact part. Appreciate it.
  3. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    Anyone know if there is a female plug equivalent for the Molex plug to cap the speaker? I made a cap from marine hear shrink tubing but would love something else.
  4. Oil changes (3.5L EcoBoost) - first change and subsequent intervals?

    I had a 2014 EB and changed wvery 5,000 with pennzoil Plat or Mobil 1 and still ended up with the dreaded timing chain rattle. Besides that the engine was great at 80k.
  5. This was on driveway where i park

    Mystery solved. It goes at the front of the rear doors. No idea how this fell off, must have never been installed properly as it fits in a channel. Just happy it fell out at my house. Here is a shot of where it was missing and with it reinstalled.
  6. This was on driveway where i park

    Any one know what this could be? It looks almost like a door or window trim but I don't see anything missing on my truck. My wife found it after I left. So strange.
  7. BEDRUG Releases 2021 Ford F-150 Liners and Mats

    Installed mine a month or so ago. Longest time is just making all the cuts and trimming some backing to get thr switch and lights to click back in.
  8. First Engine Code at 500 miles

    Well 30 miles later and it's back. F me.
  9. First Engine Code at 500 miles

    So I found something on wastegate position sensor B circuit and circuit high. I put it in sport mode and gave it a few runs. Hasn't come on. Might be from me taking it fairly easy these first 500 miles or so.
  10. First Engine Code at 500 miles

    First post here, but just joined from the other forum I was on with my 2014. Any ways, I was idling my truck for maybe 5 minutes and I come back and see service soon warning on the cluster. I plug I my OBD2 reader using Torque app and I got a P2ABA and P2ABC Powertrain codes. Restart didn't...