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  1. Which gas grade are you using? 2.7 EB

    I'm often enough near a Costco and their 91 is almost the same price as other station's 87, so that's all I've been running in the few weeks I've had it. I can't tell you when I'm going to be towing a trailer, that happens randomly. It's getting 12L/100km, so I'm not complaining.
  2. 11/08 Build Club

    I imagine it will depend on what components they are waiting on. I can see a mix of 21s and 22s leaving the factory for a few weeks as some 21s sit waiting on parts and some 22s get shipped immediately. But if a 21 hasn't started production, wouldn't they just change it to a 22 if it's being...
  3. 11/08 Build Club

    I got the new Continental IceContact XTRM. Bought them a month ago and just got them on today. They are studdable but I'm obviously not running studs in Ontario. They look like an aggressive snow tire, which is what I need for going skiing through all sorts of weather. I will never accept not...
  4. 11/08 Build Club

    Tonneau cover on. Snow tires should happen later today. Not looking forward to lifting the tires onto my tire rack high in my garage. The 4Runner tires were bad enough. These ones may kill me.
  5. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Thanks. I had not found it yet.
  6. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Black. I'm boring. Speaking of which, got floor mats from Findway, a little importer in Markham. $200 and they fit nice. I'm still laughing about how much room there is here with the seats up. Even down. You can play table tennis in here.
  7. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Got it Line-X'd today in Newmarket. Great people. Really careful and efficient. The masking lines, for example, are perfect. They didn't damage any screw heads they removed. Done in less than 90 minutes. Couldn't ask for more. The truck is, quite honestly, amazing. I haven't scratched the...
  8. 11/08 Build Club

    Thanks. It was between that and the bright blue. If the blue wasn't metallic, I could have gone that way. I just prefer non-metallics. When we replace the GTI, maybe with an SUV some day, I want a mid blue non-metallic. My vehicles will look like ski racing gates.
  9. 11/08 Build Club

    If your production date is Nov 23, and mine was Nov 14, I would expect your truck to be ready, at the earliest, Nov 33. I think that's better written as Dec 3. A full 14 days seems pretty common for Ontario, and is what I was expecting as a best case scenario.
  10. 11/08 Build Club

    Eeks. I'm starting to think it was a case of my train was there when the truck arrived from the plant, it was the last on the train, and the first off the train. Something like that. 10 days from production to delivery in Canada sounds too fast, but I'm looking at the truck. Getting Line-X...
  11. 11/08 Build Club

    I assume this is my build week as it was built Nov 14 in KC. 2021 XLT 302a Shipped Nov 16, arrived in a Toronto rail yard on Nov 22, and at the dealership not far north of Toronto on Nov 23. I pick it up today, Nov 24. I'm not seeing a lot of you with your trucks yet, so I'm surprised I have...
  12. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Thought I'd just post my dates here as I pick up the truck later today. 2021 XLT 302a assembled at Kansas City Ordered July 30 Blend date Nov 14 Shipped Nov 16 Arrived at dealership in Aurora, ON Nov 23 It was scheduled to be delivered Dec 11-17. So being delivered now is pretty amazing to me.