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  1. Livernois tuning 3.5 a10?

    I was so close to pull the trigger on one. I do not like that you need to unplug the ecu every time you want to load a tune, no matter how careful you are there is just too much room for error. I also dislike how they are not tuning for each drive mode (sport, eco, tow/haul, etc.) I’ve been told...
  2. Best CAI & cat-back exhaust combo?

    Have you heard any word on the accesports? Coming from the Subaru world I fell in love with their product!
  3. Relocate Front License Plate Holder.

    Probably not how you would want it to. The adaptive cruise control module is right above the drivers side tow hook.
  4. Relocate Front License Plate Holder.

    Swarfworks is nice!
  5. Tow Mirror Skull Cap same as F-250?

    - sorry I didn’t read you wanted gloss.
  6. Tow Mirror Skull Cap same as F-250?

    It’s the same as a 21 xlt mirror cap
  7. Lift/Level, have you re-aligned your cruise control module?

    I did not check the module before I leveled my truck.
  8. Intercooler upgrade

    I believe mishimoto is the exeption.
  9. Looking for pics of levelled 6.5’ box trucks

    Max tow, 157, 502a, 285/65r20 bfg ko2’s, 2” “level”, airlift airbags.
  10. Intercooler upgrade

    So if your new intercooler retained the factory e clip style coupler, you wouldn’t need the elbow?
  11. Intercooler upgrade

    What was the extra part?
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    SpaceWhiteF150 I posted the workshop manual removal procedure in this thread
  13. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I pulled the bumper off and pulled out the assembly’s. Laminex claims it can be done without but I don’t think I could have wrapped them as well. Honestly when fogs are lit up they sort of have a green hue if looking at them, but the omitting light is defiantly amber. While only the running...
  14. Intercooler upgrade

    As it is fairly well known in the ecoboost f150 world that factory CAC is an underperforming unit, I am looking to upgrade. I am leaning towards the mishimoto, as I would like a “stealth”(black), stock location unit as I have no interest in disassembly the active grill shutters. My struggle is...
  15. 2021 F150 Hybrid PowerBoost 6" lift

    A little off subject, lol. But I’ve been struggling to pull the trigger on window vent visors. What brand do you have and how do you like them?
  16. Borla Touring/S-Type/ATAK Exhausts for 3.5 EcoBoost

    That’s an old myth. An engine is an air pump, any sort of restriction is going to reduce power, and the catalysts are the biggest restriction of the exhaust anyways.. (not saying that the factory catback is a restriction at stock power levels)