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  1. Transmission shudder

    The dealer tried resetting the tables a few back. It worked for a little over 24 hours and then the shudder came back. I’ve locked out 8-10 on the ride to and from work today. The ride was actually enjoyable as it didn’t shudder at all. I’m going to keep running it like this until a fix from...
  2. Transmission shudder

    It's funny because I'm remembering one of the service techs saying it was annoying to drive like that and that if more people complain to Ford about it maybe they'll develop a fix sooner.
  3. Transmission shudder

    Oh believe me I pushed harder about how a shaking feature being designed into a truck doesn't make any sense and that's when one of the service employees said well that's the price we pay for fuel economy. It's shifting to a higher gear as quickly as possible and lugging to keep the rpms and...
  4. Transmission shudder

    So the field engineer and one of the service department employees came with me while I drove the truck. While the shudder was present the engineer was watching my speedo and logging the mphs and gear the truck was in. He told me he felt the truck shuddering. Their response was that the truck is...
  5. Transmission shudder

    I agree. Not too thrilled. The engineer said he put my truck up on a lift to look at the undercarriage as well. Said he had it up there for a while looking around. I'm not sure if they even did that. My truck was covered in ice from a recent ice storm and my front bumper had icicles hanging...
  6. Transmission shudder

    I got my truck back from the dealer yesterday after taking it for a test drive with a field engineer. Long story short, he said it's normal and that if I don't like the shuddering I can lockout gear 8-10...
  7. Transmission shudder

    I complained to the rep at Ford again and they're sending the field engineer out to actually drive my truck next Wednesday. I'll follow up again after that. The Ford rep also resubmitted the buyback request today so hopefully if I don't get anywhere with the field engineer I'll have a backup plan.
  8. Enable Tow Mirror Running Lights

    Bambi mode is an awesome upgrade for sure. just make sure you back up your original values, that way if something goes south you have the option to restore the values to what came from the factory
  9. Enable Tow Mirror Running Lights

    I wouldn't even both with the dealer to have the running lights turned on if you have forscan and the pigtail to make it work. I did mine myself and it took less than 5 minutes. To turn them on in conjunction with the running lights I overwrote the code in the bdycm module with the following...
  10. Transmission shudder

    Just got a call from the dealer and it was the answer I was expecting. The field engineer told them that nothing is wrong with my truck and that the shaking is a normal characteristic of the transmission trying to get the best gas mileage possible. They said not to replace anything or do any...
  11. Transmission shudder

    Just picked my truck up. The dealer searched some system they have and ford recommend to cycle the solenoids and shift valve controls. These didn’t work. Dealership is reaching back out to ford for the recommended next steps. Will follow back up soon
  12. Transmission shudder

    A little update. I dropped my truck off this morning and had one of the techs take a ride with me. He said that it feels like a spark knock. They’ll be keeping the truck a few days to do more tests. Once I have more info I’ll post up.
  13. Transmission shudder

    They didn’t. They caught me in between interviews we were conducting at work so I wasn’t able to really dig into why either. Later that day I received a feedback email. Not realizing it was feedback for the rep and not for my truck in general, I laid out all of the issues I’ve had since owning...
  14. Transmission shudder

    Still no resolution. Once someone has some sort of luck I plan on updating my original post so people don't have to scroll through 9 pages looking for an answer. My requested buyback from Ford was denied, saying my truck didn't meet the criteria. With that being said, they reopened my case and...
  15. Transmission "Shudder"

    There are a few of us that are experiencing this issue. The thread above has dealer attempted fixes, all of which didn't do anything...
  16. Transmission "Shudder"
  17. Transmission shudder

    Maybe you’ll have better luck getting them to respond. I gave up after following up with them for over a month…
  18. New 20s Fuel Rebel with 275/60R20 General Grabber ATX but what PSI?

    It was very easy to do. Took me a whole half hour to do both.
  19. New 20s Fuel Rebel with 275/60R20 General Grabber ATX but what PSI?

    I pulled the block out of the rear of mine. Love the look
  20. Transmission shudder

    Here’s to hoping they resolve it for you. If they come up with anything please let us know. I’ve contacted Ford about buying back my truck. Hopefully they’ll attempt to fix it one more time but we’ll see. the ford account you quoted above never made contact. Hope you have better luck with them