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  1. Jumpstart curiosity

    We recently bought a Toyota Sienna hybrid. I discovered Toyota explicitly warns against using a hybrid car to jumpstart an ICE vehicle. You can jump another hybrid or jumpstart the Sienna with an ICE. I don’t see any warnings like this in the F150 manual. Everything about jumpstarting sounds...
  2. Software Update Preferences not working?

    They used to be switchable and set to ON. About Sync USED to display the current version but no longer. I think the last it showed was 1.6 or 1.4.
  3. Software Update Preferences not working?

    Same issue here. Everything works fine but can’t toggle update sliders.
  4. Feedback on Toyo Open Country A/T lll, Goodyear Duratrac, and ProComp A/T Sport tires?

    The Toyos look interesting. Just curious why BFG KO2 aren‘t on your short list? I’ve had good luck with them in the past but considering all my options.
  5. Radar Detector

    I mounted my V1 high on the windshield and mounted a remote display/mute here…
  6. OTA Status Hidden in the Ford Website

    I know I’ve checked which update I currently have before, but now I can’t seem to find it. “System updates” just says my software is up to date. Also, I can’t select automatic updates or notifications.
  7. Platinum Tailgate Plate Wrap

    On the truck
  8. Platinum Tailgate Plate Wrap

    Nice! And I like your wheels
  9. Platinum Tailgate Plate Wrap

    If I were going to do it again I might do a dark brushed metal look instead of gloss black. The black on smoked quartz makes the whole tailgate look black sometimes. Post pics when you’re done!
  10. Platinum Tailgate Plate Wrap

    I did it on the truck. I started in the middle and worked my way out.
  11. Platinum Tailgate Plate Wrap

    Thanks! I just used an exacto razor and slowly cut around them. If you look close it's not perfect but from 5' away you can't tell.
  12. Best Way To Remove Swirls / Scuff Marks From Painted Surfaces

    Optimum Hyper Polish, Lake City orange pad and my random orbital polisher.
  13. Yokohama Geolandar G015 LT285/60R20

    Looks great! These should be OEM instead of the Hankook “AT” that came on mine.
  14. Advice on Getting Initial Dealer Quote

    Any of the Five Star dealerships will treat you well. I’ve bought 2 with Jared at Five Star Carrollton.
  15. 2020 F150 FX4 Lariat Giveaway!

    No way to sign up here and can’t find anything about it on Stage3 website 🤷‍♂️
  16. Active Air Dam Issue

    The car in front of me kicked up a giant tire tread and I couldn’t avoid hitting it. Just thankful it got back down below bumper level before I hit it. Active air dam was ripped off on the drivers side. Now I’m wondering if it’s worth getting it fixed or just remove it completely. How much real...
  17. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    Hopefully Ford will make it right for those of us who’ve had the truck for a while and give an EXTENDED free trial if it ever actually goes live.