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  1. 12/06/21 built week

    Anyone have photos if their folding hard tonneau cover?
  2. Today Was Not A Good Day

    I’m sorry that you had to use your AK.
  3. If you had to order again would you still get the PowerBoost motor?

    I am really curious about the longevity and reliability of the powerboost. Assuming it performs and is reliable, I will opt for it with my next vehicle.
  4. What do you call your truck?

    I don’t assign names to inanimate objects. Vehicle, truck, f150…that’s about it
  5. 12/06/21 built week

  6. F150 Fx4 vs Ranger tremor

    As others have stated, tires make the biggest difference. The smaller chassis of the Ranger makes it a little more capable in the snow, but nothing significant. A good set of tires on the F150 will go pretty much anywhere. Blizzaks would be my recommendation for anyone in winter driving...
  7. Tremor pics after coilovers, tires, wheels and tint

    Oof, your location must be better than my local store. Those yahoos couldn’t even do an alignment properly on my 4runner. Had to take the runner to the dealer to have them fix the alignment. Glad your experience was better.
  8. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    The build quality will leave you wanting on the ford vs Audi, but honestly ford had really upped their game vs prior models and the difference isn’t as big as it was say 10 years ago. That said, ford uses cheaper plastics, the figment of interior and exterior parts isn’t the same as Audi, and...
  9. Are Tow Mirrors Chrome Capped on Lariat Sport (with FX4)

    Install is pretty dang easy. Set mirror glass to full tilt down. That exposes 3 tabs. I started at the far edge and you push the tab down with the screw driver and then pull out on the chrome cap with your other hand. then work the next two tabs. Then you have to pull out firmly as you have to...
  10. Ordred 2022 F-150 Platinum in September, what's the holdup?

    You still have about 3 months of waiting before you should get concerned.
  11. Are Tow Mirrors Chrome Capped on Lariat Sport (with FX4)

    I read on here the swap is not that difficult but you do break some tabs. Is that right? Can you share your experience?
  12. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    Damn, youre spot on. I read that option when building as the work surface, I didnt catch that it also includes the rear step. I guess I will have to add it by ordering from the dealer.
  13. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    I DO have lights in the glovebox, LED temp readouts in the knobs, and cupholder lights.
  14. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    A little confused: My MY21 502a Lariat doesnt have the tailgate step, why? I have MAX tow, power tailgate (lower and in the FOB, but not power up). Also, I have incandescent license plat bulbs instead of LEDs. What?
  15. Swapping out Rear Wheel Stone Deflector...

    Ordered and installed! Such a nice improvement. Most people wouldnt notice, but for those in the know this is a great improvement to the aesthetics of the truck.
  16. ‘21 Orders on Microchip Hold

    My MY21 was on chip hold from 12/8 - 12/30. Delivered to dealer 12/31 and I picked it up 1/7.
  17. Removed Active Air Dam From my F-150 - DIY Writeup

    Anyone completed the tremor full front bumper conversion? I am interested in the entire lower conversion. It looks badass and is very functional as well.
  18. 21 F150 ReadyLift 2" Front Leveling Spacer Kit 66-2120

    Any discount codes for forum members?
  19. 12/06/21 built week

    A few observations: Build quality is ok. Lots of trim pieces not quite fitting right or not fully clicked in. Headlights: I have the 502a high projectors. They are decent, but not as bright as i was expecting. Also, there is a shadow between the high and low beam pattern. This is very...
  20. 12/06/21 built week

    Driving the new whip back home. Once fox finishes the kit for our trucks, that is going on ASAP. Truck needs a level and new wheels tires. Maybe it’s because my 4Runner is lifted with 34’s, but the stock wheels tires look tiny on these trucks