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  1. Interior / Tailgate work surface survey!

    Tailgate work surface covered with a BedRug - that's how important it is to me being retired. The bottle opener/tie down is more important. Interior work surface - I do not have the option. I have used a laptop a couple of times in the truck, but once the gearshift is down I still have a...
  2. Recall #21S56 - Loose / Sagging Underbody Insulators (Driveshaft Fracture Hazard)

    My parts arrived and my recall was completed today. Brought it in at 8:30 am today- free shuttle ride to my home 4.5 miles away. I was in and back at my house within 30 minutes. Picked it up at 6:30 pm - The service manager himself picked me up at my house to bring me back to the dealership.
  3. Using Hybrid Generator to power the house

    My plan is to run multiple extension cords from the truck into the house during an emergency. As long as I have the Kitchen (refrigerator and microwave) and one other room fully functional (climate, internet, TV, lights, chargers), I'm good to go. I'll do that as long as I can comfortably...
  4. Strange noise during cold start on Powerboost

    Could it be the clutch damper?
  5. Pothole in road causes computer crash

    Are these trucks so complicated that a dealership can not figure out the cause in about an hour? If they can not schedule the repair until a few days later why not give your truck back and set up a repair appointment? It's this kind of customer service that makes me never to want to use a...
  6. What do you call your truck?

    My truck thinks her name is Google and will not give me the time of day unless I say Hey Google.
  7. Conflicted... appreciate any advice...

    I suggest flipping a 2 headed coin.
  8. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    Just ordered one today. Website made this very easy.
  9. Ford Files Patent For Multifunction Tailgate

    Such a great idea. I love that Ford added a telephone on the tailgate. Seriously though, I do not like the idea and look of the 2nd door handle. Also, not a fan of a flip over bumper step over the hitch. I can see that thing being a rattle point making all kinds of noise. Not to mention...
  10. Jumpstart curiosity

    I do not see any warning either in the F-150 manual. I'm not going to worry about it though because I keep a portable power pack jump starter in the truck and charge it up a couple times a year. Much easier to use and do not have to depend on anyone else. It's not fun when your dead vehicle...
  11. 2021 Driver side rear door will not open

    Thanks, but I think I'd rather wait for the OTA 32F+ update. When is that coming out?
  12. Does a PB make sense for rural living?

    You can get 2KW with the non PB, but the engine has to be on all the time. With the PB, you get 2.4KW or 7.2KW and the engine cycles on and off (off mostly). But here's another reason why I recommend the PB. I think the roads of Colorado would be perfect for it. All that charging and electric...
  13. 2021 Driver side rear door will not open

    I couldn't open the rear driver side door last night either. I approached the truck and put my hand in the front drivers side door handle before I put my hand in the rear driver side door handle like I usually do to unlock all doors. I could only open the front door last night. I only tried...
  14. Pairing TPMS Sensors For New Wheels / Tires ?

    @Ford Motor Company Do you want to take this one? 🍿
  15. Uneven tire pressure in wheels

    I do not think it's a BOT. Based on my experience I think I can tell you how this will go for you if you provide a PM. After you provide your VIN and Dealership info, you will be put in contact with a customer experience specialist that will ask you something like when did you 1st experience...
  16. Pairing TPMS Sensors For New Wheels / Tires ?

    The procedure is in the owners manual.
  17. Active HD Radio using ForScan?

    Interesting discussion. I think it would be fascinating if the Audio Control Module (ACM) includes the HD radio functionality on my truck, which too is a 302A XLT standard radio. I'd enable it if the ACM supports it. Was I surprised that my F150 standard radio didn't have HD radio? Yes, I...
  18. Ford Pass is a joke!

    Not out of range because lock and unlock on the key fob worked, and I remote started it fine with the key fob from the same location today. I'm guessing that when Fordpass crashed yesterday when I used that first that maybe the remote start processing inside the truck only halfway enabled and...
  19. Ford Pass is a joke!

    It was so cold out yesterday in many parts of the country that too many people were probably clicking remote start around the same time on their Fordpass app and crashed the system. :unsure: I hope that Ford beefs the Fordpass backend up to handle the loads better if that was the cause.
  20. Ford Pass is a joke!

    Got a message yesterday afternoon in the app that said Fordpass is unavailable. It appears that the Fordpass App was not working for anyone for a couple of hours. Anyway, since the Fordpass App wouldn't allow me to remote start my truck yesterday I tried to use my KeyFob to remote start it...