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  1. Raptor Order Status

    The recall is for Loose/sagging underbody insulator. This insulator can loosen and come in contact with the driveshaft and score it. Not sure if this was just Raptor or all F150's. I have the recall on my Raptor that I have not gotten fixed yet. I see it on My Ford account but I have not...
  2. Raptor Ownership - Not a Great Start

    They tightened up the connection from the hose to the trans cooler. Topped it off with fluid. There wasn't any damage done from the leak so there was no need to correct anything other than the loose connection.
  3. Raptor Ownership - Not a Great Start

    This could have been very bad. This was not the only place I noticed it leaked, so there was quite a bit more. There was fluid in the parking lot at work also. It all turned out well though. Dealer had it towed back, fixed it fairly quickly and double checked other things as well. They...
  4. 2022 Raptor - Scheduled for production dates?

    Somebody on the Raptor Forum received his 22 Raptor in Atlas Blue.
  5. Raptor is being built…. 11-08

    There is some word that there are now issues with the Fox shocks. There are a couple of threads on the Ford Raptor Forum with people having their shocks making noises. Some have diagnosed it as an issue with the shocks. When the dealer or the individual reached out to Fox, they say they wont...
  6. Best Tire Shine

    I just got and used this from Chemical Guys. I also got one of their applicators. This went on nice and gives the tires some shine, but not too much. I wanted something that didn't give too much shine and wasn't going to splatter off onto my truck. So far I am very happy with it.
  7. Raptor in the Wild

    looks great! Blue and Gold, Notre Dame colors. I like it!
  8. 21 raptor suspension feels clunky on rough roads

    There are a lot of complaints about this. You would think, eventually, this will get Ford's attention as to a proper fix. Following that thread myself, I am surprised nobody has reached out to Fox asking about the new shocks and getting their opinion.
  9. 21 raptor suspension feels clunky on rough roads

    Seems to be a little bit of a mystery as to what is causing this. Not every Raptor owner has the same problem. Some Ford dealers are saying it is normal. I have experienced some light rattling like something is loose. Some people are dealing with worse issues with clunking and vibrations in...
  10. What cars do you have now?

    2019 Nissan Armada Platinum (wife’s daily) 2021 Raptor (my daily) Traded in my 2016 GMC Yukon when my Raptor was completed.
  11. Any dealers offering MSRP pricing for new 2021 Raptor?

    My 21 Raptor was confirmed on July 7. I don't remember when exactly I received the VIN, but my build date was 8/13. My dealer received my truck on 9/13 and I took delivery on 9/15. Others weren't this fortunate.
  12. Any dealers offering MSRP pricing for new 2021 Raptor?

    Yes there are dealers selling at MSRP. Unfortunately for you, it sounds like MSRP is much harder to find in CA based on this same discussion on another forum. I bought my Raptor in Michigan for MSRP, but I had to shop around to find a dealer that would sell it for MSRP.
  13. Input on Raptor road driving please!

    @FoundryMan12 The ride on the 21 Raptor is awesome. I came from a Yukon Denali to the new Raptor and thought I was going to sacrifice some ride quality. The Raptor drives better than my Denali did and is extremely comfortable. The interior is quiet so you won't hear any road noise from the...
  14. Raptor Ownership - Not a Great Start

    I had transmission fluid leaking out of my new Raptor a day or two after I got it. I had to have it towed back to the dealer which was an hour away. Truck got towed on a Friday and I got it back Monday evening. Seeing as how it was over a weekend was a big inconvenience. Unfortunately, things...
  15. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Post up some pics of the Roush. I think these look much better than the Tremor. I wonder what the Lariat Roush's are going for? They use to sit around 70k without the supercharger. I considered one before covid hit, but couldn't pull the trigger. I also don't think the resell on the Roush...
  16. I have my 2021 Raptor Window Sticker!

    Same for me. The Raptor made better sense and will hold resAle better.
  17. I have my 2021 Raptor Window Sticker!

    I contacted several dealers before finding one that would sell at MSRP. You just have to look around to find a dealer selling for MSRP. I wasn't going to pay over MSRP.
  18. 2021 Raptor Order / Production Bumped Almost 2 Months

    No, spray in bed liner won't delay it, nor should the tonneau cover. I have the spray in bed liner on mine and it is getting built tomorrow. Deleting the auto start/stop might help speed things up if you have not done that already. There have been a lot of people that have not been scheduled...
  19. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    More Pictures of the AB Tremor. Still showing quite a bit of rake IMO.
  20. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    On another Raptor Forum, people were starting to get a scheduled week of the beginning of October. This sounds about right or a little later.