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  1. Charging the F-150 Lightning: Everything You Need To Know [Video]

    You think they would've made the cord nicer like a 50 Amp reel on an RV.
  2. Wave 1 Lightning Orders - Granger Ford

    Okay Zach, how many of these need to arrive? ;)
  3. 📘 2022 F-150 Lightning Order Bank Playbook With Pricing! 🗓 Ordering Begin 1/6, Build & Price Tomorrow 1/4!

    I wish I could have heated and cooled seats with the XLT Sport cloth seats. Also. The odds of Rivian making a decent vehicle with QC better than the atrocious Teslas look pretty bleak.
  4. Ford Launches Zero-Carbon Electric Vehicle Home Charging Initiative in California

    This is the key to the scheme. You might as well buy a piece of paper that says a star is named after you.
  5. F-150 Lightning Electrical System Overview – w/ 12v Battery, Power and Ground Points

    So, who is coming out with a kegerator for the frunk? Two pony kegs could fit, yeah?
  6. F150 Lightning Poll: which trim level are you going to order?

    I expect Ford to go back and only allow Commercial/Fleet buyers to order the Pro because they want a foothold on the potentially large orders. I want a loaded XLT Sport version, but I may have to go Lariat.
  7. Towing thoughts/questions

    Great post, thank you! I think, for my sanity, I would stop at campgrounds every other charge if I could.
  8. Which trim gets the Moon roof & panoramic roof as standard?

    I think your point about backseat occupants should be the biggest factor in choosing the panoramic glass roof. I've had a Lariat, before the Pano came out, and it had a regular moonroof; barely used it and never ordered another with it. With a kid in the back, though, the Pano sounds like a...
  9. Towing thoughts/questions

    I think using campgrounds to recharge every few hours might be the only way to do a long towing trip and that would add several days to any decent trip. My guess-ti-math is: 180 miles is the maximum range for towing. You're looking at a more likely 10-stop halfway and 20-stop cross country...
  10. 3 Weeks Away From 2022 F-150 Lightning Order Banks Opening

    Just rambling on a lot of flack Ford has received about their release dates the past few years: Fall doesn't end until the second half of December and it always surprises me that so many people think it's over before December just like Spring goes later than probably most people on the street...
  11. F-150 Lightning Order Bank goes live in January - according to our Ford rep's email

    Just got off the phone with "The Lightning Team" who said that the ordering opens up in December... not that they're right, but they said it in a way that they actually believe that'll happen. *I'd like the first year, but won't torture myself again after the Bronco launch.
  12. F-150 Lightning Order Bank goes live in January - according to our Ford rep's email

    Patience is the key to not losing your mind with these releases of radically new vehicles in the modern supply chain crisis. I am on the same wavelength here. The main difference between this launch and the Bronco is that if this doesn't work out with someone's timing, then there are tons of...
  13. F-150 Lightning Order Bank goes live in January - according to our Ford rep's email

    Even then, it's going to depend on what options and models Ford planned about a year ago to build and what actually comes through.
  14. The Major Problem With EVs No One Is Talking About

    There are some ridiculous aspects of the article, but it's almost like people forgot about sensational journalism since it took over the entirety of news outlets. The point about Biden's EO is the most ridiculous, but I want to side-step any political discussion. Manufacturers have been allowed...
  15. F150 Lightning Tour - West Coast

    Flashbacks of threads/posts on Bronco6G with Ford's inability to launch a vehicle after over 100 years of being in business...
  16. The Alpha WOLF™ Electric Truck

    Someone really liked Marty McFly's Toyota... lol Musk has been embarrassing Bezos and the legal battles are the billionaire's equivalent of grasping at straws and name-calling when you start losing. I want Rivian to fail simply because of Bezos, but I also become filled with schadenfreude...
  17. What will be your first F-150 Lightning upgrades?

    Window tint, all-weather floor mats, and maybe a hard tonneau of some sort. It's just not a "mod me" vehicle. I know Ford will prioritize one to some YouTuber or flashy shop in some ill-conceived marketing plan and it will get 26 inch rims or something, but I'd rather have a nuclear apocalypse.
  18. Invited to see the F150 Lightning tomorrow (8/5) and meet with Ford's General Manager of EV's. Submit Your Questions!

    Can they skip the glad-handing and VIP treatment of brand-agnostic YouTube "stars" for the first year?