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  1. Ford's epic Lightning bait-and-switch is complete (the official "I'm out" thread).

    I have a friend who drives an R1T for his job. He couldn't rave more about it if he tried. It is his impression that Rivian is going to define what an electric truck & SUV are going forward. Everyone else is just going to work to keep up.
  2. Bought Today!

  3. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    Depends on where I drive, honestly. I live in the foothills of the Ozarks, so I do a lot of up and down driving; and a lot of short distances. Over the first 10,000 miles, I think got 16.9 mpg. That included break in and getting used to the nuances of Powerboost driving. I typically, around...
  4. Platinum on 2.5" KSP Level Kit and 295/65-20's

    No, rubbing at all and I didn't have to trim anything. I have been really happy with the setup. In fact, my neighbor down the street bought a Platinum as a company truck, so he can't modify it, but has commented a few times about how much better my truck sits and looks with the level and tires.
  5. 📘 2022 F-150 Lightning Order Bank Playbook With Pricing! 🗓 Ordering Begin 1/6, Build & Price Tomorrow 1/4!

    Looking forward to going through the build and price tool. Love my Powerboost Platinum and EV doesn't make sense for me, at this time. But, it will be fun to see what is possible.
  6. Smoked Quartz Platinum - Leveled - 285/65-20's

    The RC kit was the dealer's preferred kit. Seeing as they were going to warranty the truck and their work, I let them put on whatever kit they felt most comfortable with. I drove the truck prior to the level and could not feel any discernable difference in ride when I picked it up. I have not...
  7. Need tonneau cover help

    I have the Leer HF650M and have zero issues. The truck has been driven in and sat in heavy rain without a leak. In addition, nada at the car wash either, which was typically when my Toyota's tonneau leaked.
  8. Smoked Quartz Platinum - Leveled - 285/65-20's

    I think it is light dependent, but it more blue than gray, for certain. Most places I go, including the dealer, writes 'blue' down as the color. I poured over photos before I ordered it, as I wanted a blue truck, but didn't want Antimatter (too dark). I was really concerned that it was going to...
  9. CCD VS FX4

    I have the FX4 package and my Platinum rides like a dream. I have not driven a CCD truck, but if it rides smoother than this, that would be something. My wife likes to take the truck on trips now, because it is much more comfortable to ride in than her MDX.
  10. Hummer Bumped into TailGate

    Unfortunately, these things happen. It sounds like you came away unscathed though. A neighbors kid scratched on of my rims with his bike and another kid put a tiny ding in my door. All accidental and all fixable, but still annoying. I stopped letting it bother me, though. But, if I saw someone...
  11. Spotted my first Tremor

  12. Getting cold feet about buying a 2021 PowerBoost

    I absolutely love my PB Platinum. 6,000 miles in and I am excited every single time I drive it. I also still enjoy parking it out where I can either see it from afar, so I can admire it as I walk back to it. I have owned 18 cars in my lifetime and, currently, this is the best all-around vehicle...
  13. What grade fuel for PowerBoost?

    First, I have gone just over 6,000 miles and I am averaging 17.0 mpg overall. I brought this to my dealer's attention at 1,500 miles and plan to do it again at my next warranty repair or oil change (more on that below). Even though I live in an area of the country that is quite hilly, I expected...
  14. First oil change?

    The last time I was at my dealer (warranty work...grrrr), I asked the dealer to change the oil. The dealer said "oh, it's not time yet. Your truck will alert you when it needs fresh oil". I'm sitting just over 6K miles and I'm not anywhere near the first oil change alert. That seems a little bit...
  15. 19 year old and a parking garage bollard = $8K in damages

    That is painful to see. When I was 16, I whipped into my friend's driveway in my mom's '91 Mercury Capri to pick him up. I jumped out of the car and, to this day, swear I set the parking break. The car, a manual, rolled back down his drive while I was inside and wedged itself under his cast-iron...
  16. What to expect 2021 Model Year Build Out & 2022 F-150 Start Up

    If you ordered a Platinum, your truck is being built in Dearborn.
  17. F-150 Lightning Reservations Exceed 120,000 and F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Sales Propel Ford’s Electric Vehicles to July Sales Record

    Aside from the supply shortage issues which have plagued the entire auto industry, Ford seems to be hitting on all cylinders right now. My F-150 Powerboost is an outstanding truck and, possibly, the best vehicle I have ever owned.
  18. NOCO car jumper sale

    Noco’s are once again on the Amazon deal of the day, if anyone is looking for one.
  19. Leer HF650M - Discount

    Yes, that will fit. The bed dimensions are unchanged from Gen 13 trucks. According to Leer, the 2021 part number is LR-650169, which corresponds with the one you are looking at.