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  1. Cybertruck Quad-Motor & Crab Walk Steering announced

    I find it funny that "reveals" are coming with every delay they have. I am afraid this will be another of Elon's Grifts
  2. Lightning Dash vs. Silverado Dash - who wins?

    I like the Lightning's a lot better. Chevy's feel like an SUV at first glance
  3. Interior climate control - easy or not?

    I live in the Bay Area so if im ever using climate is usually just blasting cold air, but the last few weeks have been freezing, below 45 degrees so yeah I have found it very easy to use personally
  4. Do I need to worry about dealer pushing price over MSRP?

    I got it from a local-ish dealder Tom Hiller Ford in Modesto California, $1k under invoice.
  5. FordPass - Scriptable Widget (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    Are the windows opened? if not try to open and close them again turn the ignition on and give it like 10 minutes?
  6. Cybertruck Starting to Look Like a Truck

    I think this was panned from day 1; come out with something so shockingly different that drives everyone crazy either loving it or hating it. Then simply make it a more.. realistic design
  7. FordPass - Scriptable Widget (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    I IT does show Distance to Empty though thats a good work around
  8. FordPass - Scriptable Widget (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    Dude I didnt even know Scriptable was a thing! This is awesome. Thank you so much for bringing this forward, I already forked you thing, I will play with it some more after work. I did take the time to do this hehe
  9. Nissan wants in on electric pickup space - reveals Surf-Out Concept

    What does Nissan have against attractive looking vehicles? like cmon the Frontier looks pretty good and then you drop that nightmare fuel on us?
  10. MPG data points

    I use 89 Octane, the "middle one" Also my all time average is 23.1 now.
  11. 2023 Ford Ranger revealed!

    The specs sound good, the body look gorgeous, the tail gate is perfect, the interior! Oh man that interior is fucking sexy! However, that Maverick line through the middle makes the grill a little too unappealing.
  12. Terrible MPG in my 2021 F150 Powerboost

    > Be me > not mod my truck my truck gives me the rated EPA in daily driving and highway magical isnt it?
  13. Survey finds F-150 Lighting is most desirable Electric Pickup. Reservations approach 200,000.

    ITs good to see that consumers find the truck appealing, hopefully this encourages Ford to invest more on the truck, and hopefully increate production! Ford F-150 is most desirable electric pickup...
  14. What's your favorite feature on your truck?

    360 degree camera, parking a truck couldnt be easier and less stressful.
  15. Sync 4 CarPlay

    in 3,000+ miles I had a single issue where for some reason Car play was working, I could see Googlemaps and stuff but my Spotify wasnt working for some weird reason kept sending me to XM radio which was annoying as heck. It fixed itself after I turned the truck off for a couple minutes and back...
  16. New 2.7 Ecoboost knock

    3300 miles in, I average 23.1 miles. But the little ticking noice? I do notice it sometimes, I assumed it was the little exhaust gate rattling a little
  17. Ford Launches F-150 Lightning 3D Augmented Reality Experience

    I do wish their engineers would first concentrate on the Ford App
  18. 1400 Mile Roadtrip in 3.0 Powerstroke Diesel: SAC to SEA and back!

    Awesome, thank you for the great writeup. I am planning a trip to AZ next spring, not nearly as nice as WA (living there was amazing) but i am excited as heck now. Also nothing stopped ya from inviting me to the roadtrip :(
  19. I think my Auto start stop is not functioning

    I tried the suggestion Oxford_powerboost mentioned and going into the "Start stop" screen and I see that it says "vehicle on due to charging vehicle" I suspect that my dashcam is the culprit. My dashcam is hardwired and always on overnight. So I think that its keeping my battery low. I can...