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  1. Lightning Dash vs. Silverado Dash - who wins?

    I like both to be honest. But Chevy might have the better design
  2. Ford Updating Wave 2 Invitations?

    Damn, my hopes and dreams killed with one URL. I can log on now and just goes straight to the reservation page with no glitches. Oh well, Thursday cant come soon enough.
  3. Ford Updating Wave 2 Invitations?

    Did any Wave 1 Orders get this on their Reservation Page prior to invitations? I checked just a couple of minutes ago and the site was taking a while and then this showed up before it went to the reservation page:
  4. Ford Performance Releases Sport Exhausts for Gen14. F-150s

    I believe these are rebranded Borla S-Type. I'm not sure which one is cheaper but sometimes you can get some good discounts at the Dealer.
  5. Upcoming F-150 Lightning Livestream: 1/18 @ 9pm EST – covering Productivity features, how-to and walk-arounds

    The one question I want answered is if Ford is planning on providing OTA updates to unlock more of the battery packs once they have collected more data or will they do the same thing as they did with the Mach-E. This will probably make me decide between going EV or just upgrading my current ICE...
  6. Question on standard range for current EV owners

    MME will be the better commuter and the ER will be your best option. You could potentially cut it with 230 but it’s going to be a stretch
  7. what's your disappointment so far on what Ford Lightning has to offer

    For me bundling up everything into packages is terrible and also not having the ER on the Pro for Retail
  8. CEO Farley shares Wave 1 Lightning orders top states & trims. Wave 2 invites on Jan 20

    I am still debating between Pro and Lariat ER. I wish there was more details on Ford Options to make the choice easier.
  9. Cybertruck Delayed Again - No new ETA

    By the time the CT comes out Ford will be announcing the 2nd gen Lightning
  10. Ford Files Patent For Multifunction Tailgate

    Like the idea, hate the design. The handle looks horrible
  11. Received an Invite From Competing Dealer to Order Lightning Today

    Called the dealer and spoke with the ordering clerk. Seems like the email was sent out as an error. They wanted me to forward the email so they can notify their customers about this error. No ADM also, so my brother is happy lol
  12. Received an Invite From Competing Dealer to Order Lightning Today

    No, dealer is definitely certified and this dealer is 100 miles away. I suspect they are trying to sell spots, I am going to call and find out what kind of shady crap they are trying to pull off. The funny part is my brother has a reservation here and no one has answered any of his questions.
  13. Received an Invite From Competing Dealer to Order Lightning Today

    Not at my dealer of choice but a competing dealer. Are dealers this clueless on how the process works? Are they able to see Wave 2 now?