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  1. Financing vs Leasing the Lightning

    My credit report shows full loan amount as original loan amount, but outstanding amount does not include residuals.
  2. Financing vs Leasing the Lightning

    Are you saying there were no buyout fees? With options, all you have to pay is the balance of the loan. Did you have to contact Ford to buy out the lease early? Ford Options doesn't have a "buyout price". It has a loan balloon payment at the end that you either pay or transfer ownership to Ford.
  3. The Feeding and Caring of Our New Lightning

    240V/30A is L2. If you use 110V, that's L1. L1 is not sufficient to precondition a vehicle.
  4. Financing vs Leasing the Lightning

    I don't think that's the only difference. Since you own the car with the Options financing, you can sell the car at any time and just pay off the loan. There is no acquisition fee with Options. When I bought MME the interest rate on Options was 2.25% (1.4% for GT). The money factor on RCL...
  5. Charging the F-150 Lightning: Everything You Need To Know [Video]

    I like your videos. Even if not always news to me, they are informative and fact based.
  6. Are Phone As A Key (PAAK) and Blue Cruise Standard on Lariat Lightning?

    They are part of 511A group that includes ER battery. See 3rd line below.
  7. Switching Dealers

    When you guys talk about Chapman Ford, you may want to specify which on. There are at least 3
  8. Got a Ford Email! But it just "preapproves me" for financing to buy a vehicle that I can't even get

    I also got a pre-approval email. The funny part is that my FMC account also says that I'm per-approved, but for $15K more.
  9. 💸 2022 F-150 Lightning Price List (Invoice, MSRP, Options Codes)

    Some of that goes to the salesman as commission. Not a lot, but some.
  10. How will you pay for your Lightning?

    I don't know what is happening with it now, but when I was buying MME, Ford gave out either $1,000 or $2,500 rebate for people using Optons financing. That negated or significantly reduce difference in total interest.
  11. How will you pay for your Lightning?

    I think that rate at DCU is good for up to 65 months. 72 month rate is 2.24%
  12. Selling Your Order or Plan to Sell Lightning?

    The only financing company that would matter here is FMC. At any rate if you guys want to go through that trouble just to hide reselling of your car (even though you really can't), go ahead.
  13. Selling Your Order or Plan to Sell Lightning?

    Yes you can, but we're talking about reselling the vehicle shortly after purchase. If you could haver paid cash, why would you finance?
  14. Selling Your Order or Plan to Sell Lightning?

    If you paid cash, you don't have to tell them anything. But Ford will need to be able to track the owner down, in case there is a recall.
  15. Selling Your Order or Plan to Sell Lightning?

    Public Records. Also, if you financed the car through Ford, you have to tell them.
  16. Dealer can't tell me my place in line?

    How are you giving up rear view camera to go to Lightning?
  17. Ford Warns Dealers Against Additional Deposit / Payment Requirements For Lightning Orders. Supports No-Resale Provisions in Purchase Contracts

    In most cases the deposit is refundable. Also, at least for the time being, there is little danger that the dealers will get "stuck" with Lightning, regardless of the options being selected.