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  1. Chadillac

    2021 F150 3.5L V6 EcoBoost - HO or not?

    Oh that’s wild... so they’re implying powerboost is the base engine for Raptor? I know it will be powerful but wonder what the weight difference is compared to the 3.5HO? Also wonder about water fording a hybrid Raptor. Seems a little forward to make the hybrid standard on some models. Il Very...
  2. Chadillac

    2021 F150 3.5L V6 EcoBoost - HO or not?

    I’m the opposite of you and certain it’s gonna be the carryover HO or an equivalent. Ford isn’t gonna nerf the engine in the two highest trimmed versions of their biggest seller. They have too much pride. Though I do think the powerboost will be optional on limited but not Raptor and if the twin...
  3. Chadillac

    2021 F-150 Showcased at Intro / Training Events

    The silver lariat looks great.
  4. Chadillac

    2021 F-150 Real Life Sightings

    why the tiny brake lights? I know the LEDs are bright but seems like the brake and turn signals should’ve been swapped in their positions.
  5. Chadillac

    Ranger Tremor

    I’m 99.999% sold on a STX FX4. Just curious if anyone is more interested in a Ranger over F-150 now that it offers the Tremor off-road package like Super Duty.
  6. Chadillac

    Spotted: 8' Foot Bed on the 2021 F-150

    I don’t hate that at all l. The only current gen 1/2 ton that still looks good in extended cab. I’d take that exact truck but with 6.5 bed.
  7. Chadillac

    Halogen vs LED OEM headlights? 13th gen owner input?

    I love the look of the LEDs but the only knock about them is the costs, if they burn out they’re expensive to fix/replace. When they start yellowing after years of use they’ll be VERY expensive to replace. my wife’s Honda has led lights and they’re great but one burnt out within 3 years of...
  8. Chadillac

    Ram TRX (T-Rex) Thoughts?

    It’s a cool truck but not enough for the asking price. A 392 version that starts at $55k would’ve been a better way to go I think. Then option the Hellcat as the halo trim level for $70k. (SRT-TRX?)
  9. Chadillac

    2021 F-150 Real Life Sightings

    Probably the closest representative image of Antimatter blue. All the CGI pics are off
  10. Chadillac

    5.0L V8 Cylinder Deactivation

    I’m hoping they backed out of it. I’d take a 3.5 if they roll it out in the 5.0. Every 5.3 Chevy I’ve had or known has had problems from cylinder deactivation. Though my BIL’s Ram 5.7 hasn’t had any issues.
  11. Chadillac

    2021 F-150 Real Life Sightings

    Lariat Sport from IG
  12. Chadillac


    I wish they’d have kept Abyss grey
  13. Chadillac

    Powerboost HP / Torque Predictions? Timing?

    I agree, I think this drivetrain will all but end the power stroke F-150. I think diesel half tons are gonna be short lived anyways too. Just a steppingstone to better integrated hybrids
  14. Chadillac

    Powerboost HP / Torque Predictions? Timing?

    Yeah it’s definitely gonna be a torque monster. I don’t see the HP being raised too much. 375-400 is more than enough to tug at highway speeds. I think the torque numbers are gonna be the biggest stat since the hybrid bits are integrated to boost the low end. 395/550 is my official guess. I also...
  15. Chadillac

    Interior colors (dash, door panels) look horrible

    I think the biggest improvement is on the lower trim interiors. That “all grey” plastic Tupperware look was dreadful on the current model XL
  16. Chadillac

    Is the FX4 Package worth it

    It’s got a few extras on the base 4x4. You get a rear locker, shocks, skids, and now a drive mode that uses the ABS on the front wheels to simulate a front locker. In the past, some believed the FX4 to ride a little stiffer but I’ve never personally felt a difference. If you’re not really going...
  17. Chadillac

    Powerboost HP / Torque Predictions? Timing?

    I’m gonna guess at 550lb/ft.
  18. Chadillac

    Curb Weight...

    It’s gonna be heavy. Or as the youth’s say “she thicc”
  19. Chadillac

    Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Yeah that was my fear. Thanks for checking.