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  1. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    Still just as messed up as far as I can see. Option packages missing and/or showing up when they shouldn't, wrong wheels, choices not reflecting in the image, etc etc. No improvement that I can see.
  2. Official RAPID RED F-150 (2021+) Photos Thread

    Since rapid red is a carry-over color from 2020, I went to a local dealership to take a look at it on a 2020 F150. It's definitely a winner and my pick for my new F150 once I order. I was on the fence between that an velocity blue - I usually prefer blue over red, but found velocity blue too...
  3. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Yeah until the final towing numbers (including how they are different depending on the options you pick) are available, it's all just guesses right now. It's still early, we'll soon know everything.
  4. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    This has been discussed before and there's no clear answer yet - the regular Towing package and the Tow Tech package are the most confusing ones as they have virtually the same equipment minus the 360 camera, and the Tow Tech package that includes it is actually less than the other one! We await...
  5. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    Interesting, not for me - still sends me to the 2021 mess-of-a-build-your-own. Here's the link in case they do change it for everyone:
  6. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    Yeah, wow, this "Early Build & Price" is an absolute mess. No one should use this to make any buying decisions and it's hard to understand why they would ever put it live in its current state. The article / thread title on the site here should be updated to say it's only a preview.
  7. The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    Most people buy one off the lot, no? Don't get me wrong, I'm disappointed with the lack of completeness and bugs on this too - but how many truck nerds like us are checking the site daily for it to be live? Based on the activity on this forum, I'm guessing not many. I was hoping to get clarity...
  8. XLT Sport 2021 F-150 spotted in Carbonized Gray

    Wow the XLT Sport interior looks fantastic! Sign me up for that! Nice to see a non-CG image of it. I was leaning heavily towards that trim level and this cements it for me - thanks for posting those photos.
  9. 2021 Ford F-150 Build & Price Configurator When?

    Woah, thanks for the heads up! While not quite as nice as the real thing, this is way better than adding everything up yourself using the price list and dealer ordering guide etc. It also helps clarify which packages come with what included options etc, you can see the boxes update with...
  10. 2021 F-150 Quick Reference Guide!

    Thanks for posting this!
  11. Full 2021 F-150 Accessories List (Pricing and Part Numbers)

    Interesting, some of the painted accessories are available in the color "Code Orange" ... There is an orange as a fleet-only color choice in the dealer ordering guide, but there it's listed as plain "Orange", and none of the other fleet-only colors are there in this accessories list . Is "Code...
  12. 2021 F-150 Colors from Every Angle

    As far as I have been able to tell through researching this online, it's a new color appearing for the first time on the '21 F150 and the new Bronco, so yeah, probably won't see one in person for a while now... I am also curious about this color as I find Velocity Blue a bit too light, but at...
  13. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Ok! Thanks for the follow-up - makes me feel better it's not just me being confused about this.
  14. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Same question - between the dealer ordering guide and the source book it's still not clear to me. Does the Tow Technology Package have everything needed to make the "Trailer Tow Package" redundant? Looking at the price list, the Tow Tech pkg is cheaper than the Trailer Tow one, so it really...
  15. 2021 F-150 Price List Guide (MSRP & Invoice Pricing) - All Models, Equipment Packages, Options, Accessories

    Can anyone explain why the equipment groups have two prices listed - one marked "Net" and one not? Which of the two should I be looking at? Thanks!
  16. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Wow so pricing on the individual options is available now? Is there a complete list somewhere?