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  1. smoothoper2000

    Update: 2021 F-150 Production/Build Dates (November 2020)

    I know we’re Anxious For our truck but I can’t see arguing with the Ford dealership on the production dates when I get information we don’t have
  2. smoothoper2000

    Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Hello when will the spec be out on payload, fuel mileage , etc.
  3. smoothoper2000

    Ordering and Tracking New F150

    Yes usually eight weeks if you get time it out right we are to be delivered around one of the holidays when they have their sales you’ll be able to get that rebate that they’re offering
  4. smoothoper2000

    Ordering and Tracking New F150

    when I ordered my 2016 I put down a deposit. so no they wont sell it if no deposit its ordered but can be for the store