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  1. Another AC problem: Resolved!!!

    2022 January build, Limited PB. Installed a Gopro 11 Black as a dash cam, yesterday and went for a drive. Gopro powered off several times, found out it over heated. Wanted to turn on the front defroster with AC. however the heat came on through the vents. I turned everything off including the...
  2. Pro Power question

    2022 Limited 7.2Kw Started the truck, plugged in a battery charger to charge 2'nd car's battery. put the truck in generator mode. Truck shuts off after only 20-30 min, and has done this 3-4 times now. How do I get it to stay running longer? And what am I doing wrong? Thanks...
  3. Gen mode, what did I do wrong?

    22 Limited 7.2 Kw Powerboost Started the truck, turned the generator mode, plugged in a battery charger to charge 2'nd car and truck shut off after 30 min. 1'st use of the Gen power. Any ideas?
  4. Alexa question

    I have Amazon music on my phone and it works fine through Alexa. But when in my 22 Limited I ask Alexa to play music, she says I need a service, and this is also with my Phone plugged into either USB port. What am I doing wrong? Also a side question, I log into the phone (while in the truck)...
  5. Remote start and HAV system question

    When using Ford Pass remote start or pressing the start button without the break, the fan comes on but no cold air. If I start the truck the compressor comes on and cold air comes out. 22 F-150 Limited Is this normal? Thanks
  6. Found out how long it takes to go into Deep Sleep Mode

    2022 F-150 PB Limited, on travel and it took 15 days, won't get back for 2 more weeks. Remote start not available either now. Not sure what I am going to come back to, but I do have a battery charger at home, so I hope that will bring her back. Does anybody have any ideas?
  7. Does my Limited have Fog lights?

    I don't see the icon to turn them on Am I missing something?
  8. Sync 4 rev #

    Can anybody point me to the steps on how to find the Rev # foe Sync 4. Dealer today says Bluecruise is installed but no hands free yet and I just picked up the truck today Thanks
  9. Question

    Can the Ford Pass app remote start the truck? I am about to get my truck, then have to leave for 6 weeks on TDY to FLW and don't want the battery to die while on travel. Any inputs? Thanks...
  10. Bed depth

    I have a 22 Limited on order and plan on getting the electric Retrax bed cover, anybody know how deep in inches the bed is? I have a 3 wheel scooter for my better half I need to store and want to verify it will fit under it. Total hight of the scooter folded is 20 inches. Thanks for any help. Viper
  11. Ford is cutting vehicle production next week of several key products due to an ongoing global shortage of semiconductor chips.

    AUTOS Chip shortage forces Ford to cut production of F-150, Bronco and other important vehicles PUBLISHED FRI, FEB 4 20227:25 PM EST https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/04/chip-shortage-forces-ford-to-cut-production-of-f-150-bronco-suv.html Did not see this posted, but I may have missed it.
  12. Does a 2022 Limited get adaptive Stearing?

    As the title says, I can't find it on the build and price tool nor reading. Does anybody know? Viper
  13. How long can a Powerboost sit without running?

    I work for the DOD and often travel for up to 7 weeks at a time. Do I disconnect the battery or use a solar power to trickle charge? Any ideas or thoughts?
  14. 2022 Build and Price starting when?

    Anybody know when the 2022 Build and Price opens? And on a side note, does the Limited come with the full reclining seats and the work surface (1 dealer said yes)
  15. Silly question but...

    Got a 5.7 XLT as a rental (for 7 weeks) and I don't know how to change from Eco Mode to something else. I am wanting to play while I try this truck out. I plan on getting a 22 Limited ordered in Oct. Thanks for any help. Viper
  16. Limited Running Board question

    When deployed how high off the ground are they? GF has replaced both knees and has limited mobility and I need to know how high she will have to step up. Thanks for any help.
  17. Can you get a secondary battery for the engine?

    As the title says can you squeeze a second battery on the V6 twin Turbo Limited F150?
  18. Limited Interior B&P only shoes Admiral Blue

    Is this a bug in B&P that it only shows the Admiral Blue or is this the only option? Also, can I get the extended tow mirrors on the Limited? Thanks!