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  1. Check Engine Light Help

    At the tail end of my 1 hour commute this morning, the check engine light popped on. Upon parking, my FordPass had this message: It started and ran fine on the commute home. I couldn’t find anything on here so thought I’d post in hopes someone had a similar issue? I have a ‘21 PB and really no...
  2. 21 Platinum PB w/CCD Leveled on 34s

    I’ve really gotten a lot out of this forum through my whole ordering and build process so figured I’d post my build so far. Feel free to ask any questions! ‘21 Platinum PB 4x4 w/CCD and scales iconic silver - ReadyLift 2” front leveling kit -Fuel Siege 20x9 +20 offset wheels -295/60 R20 Nitto...
  3. Auto Headlamps Not Working?

    Yesterday morning I pressed the fog lamp button on the lighting dial while auto was selected and it displayed on the dash for a second then all icons went off. I toggled between parking and headlamp on and both work still but now my auto parking lights and headlamps don’t. Any idea what is going on?
  4. Texas Platinum wheels and hankook AT tires

    Like new with <300mi on them. Mint condition. Asking $1500 obo for the set. Pickup in the Houston, greater-Houston area.
  5. CCD Suspension Real World Pics

    I hadn’t seen any pics of the CCD suspension so thought I’d share. Just brought her home and all I know is this is the smoothest vehicle I’ve ever driven (coming from a 2010 XLT so not saying much ?). I plan to get the 3.5” SST kit installed within weeks when it’s available so I hope it’ll be...
  6. How to tone down chrome

    I’m still waiting on my iconic silver platinum and was thinking of taking scotch brite to the side mirror caps and handles to tone down the chrome, giving it more of a satin chrome or brushed aluminum finish to match the grill better…has anyone tried this?
  7. 2021 Job #2 Ordering

    Has anyone been able to put in a job #2 order? My dealer said that WBDO still isn’t updated with the new features. I’m looking to put in a second order with onboard scales and CCD to replace my purgatory build.
  8. Powerboost generator essentials

    I should be receiving my powerboost hopefully by…Halloween like many others :confused: and figured I’d use the extra time to get some essentials. My question is if y’all could help steer me in the right direction for the best electrical components needed to properly power (partially) my home in...
  9. Produced into thin air?

    My Dearborn platinum powerboost has been produced since 4/1 and nothing. No ramp 59. No nothing. Has anyone with this same issue ever received theirs or can offer any hope….my patience, along with many others, is wearing thin.
  10. New Ford Tracker Update for Dearborn?

    Just checked my tracker and saw this!! Glad they’re being transparent at least...:LOL: