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  1. Trim Vibration from Stereo Bass, Temperature Changes

    Does anyone else notice sounds that sound like vibrations on the wood where the speakers are mounted behind seats? I have the B&O Unleashed. I rarely turn my music up loud but if I go to 14-16 or higher, I hear annoying vibrations during some songs. I do not listen to heavy bass music. Is this...
  2. Apple CarPlay

    Interesting. 2021 Lariat here. When I get text message on my iPhone, I see the banner for a few seconds and then it goes back to whatever is playing if I leave it alone.
  3. Is this really standard build quality for an 80k truck?

    Spoken like someone that thinks they deserve a job no matter what. Smells like class envy: "...so some rich guy can enjoy perfection."
  4. Is this really standard build quality for an 80k truck?

    That's what you get when unions protect mediocre performance and hold a company hostage. Crappy work earns a 25% wage hike https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/ford-uaw-negotiators-reach-labor-deal-cnbc-2023-10-25/
  5. 22S26 Wiper Arms Recall | Replacement Parts Not Properly Aligned?

    I don't believe I said that I expected the dealer to do anything. I also wrote that my service manager was cool and tried to fix it. I'm taking it to the next levels.
  6. 22S26 Wiper Arms Recall | Replacement Parts Not Properly Aligned?

    I have ZERO interest in spending ANY time interacting with you. I've done it before. I spent weeks interacting with you before, sending the false attitude that you were connected directly to Ford corporate and had authority in, and interest in fixing problems. After 4 weeks of exchanging...
  7. 22S26 Wiper Arms Recall | Replacement Parts Not Properly Aligned?

    I appreciate the video. Mine was fairly easy to remove. However, the alignment cleat, pin, whatever you want to call it, will only let the wiper go one in a specific position. See pictures with arrows to notch on motor shaft as well as pin on wiper arm mount. NO WAY TO ADJUST. These have been...
  8. 22S26 Wiper Arms Recall | Replacement Parts Not Properly Aligned?

    Fellow F-150ers, Has anyone else had the Recall 22S26 Wiper Arms may break performed yet? I had mine about two weeks ago. Cool service manager moved me up on the list to get it done with some he had that showed up in stock. Initially I looked at it, accepting the truck after oil, filter, tire...
  9. 23 model year build week august 8

    Sounds like your dealer isn't telling you the truth, just so he can keep your business? The part about their dealership getting trucks before others isn't true either. Each dealership has allocations and priority codes which determine the order of build and then the complex shipping process can...
  10. Trailer Mirror Not Folding Fully

    NO. The Ford rep. put me through a "call here" "call there" maze. They ended up only referring me to the local dealership after wasting my time making me think that they were going to take charge of the situation. When it does not fold completely, I manually do it. The unfold works as the motor...
  11. Trailer Mirror Not Folding Fully

    Anyone experienced this or have any idea? I take truck through carwash weekly so have to fold mirrors. Left only folds halfway until cycled a few times. Right folds completely. Bad driver cabling? Not enough lubrication? I'll likely take it in for warranty look at next service unless someone...
  12. Snow/Icy Driving setup tips?

    Last night driving to and from Christmas dinner, I was terribly disappointed by the Pirellis. I've owned a 2016 and 2018 F150, same SuperCrew 157" Both of those did FAR better in similar snow. Getting routine oil/filter, etc. last week, I chatted with the service manager about what I'd heard...
  13. Snow/Icy Driving setup tips?

    One could likely find the lumber for free as scrap somewhere if you took the time. Carpet squares stapled on bottom to protect bed were free at Home Depot. They were last years samples and to be trashed. I'll post how I used to do it.
  14. Snow/Icy Driving setup tips?

    I built a box to set sandbags in. Moisture caused them to make a mess. Just yesterday I put the bags and extra sand in these two plastic storage bins I had. Easy to remove or load. You can put whatever ballast you wish. I added extra sand.
  15. ICONIC SILVER F-150 (2021+) Club

    How do those Michelin Defender LTX M/S 275/60R20 ride compared to the stock Pirellis? Considering that change myself when mine arrives at dealer at end of month. In IL on railcar now.
  16. 8/2 Build Week

    Mine just got changed 2 weeks after build. No obvious change in any of the information. Odd.
  17. 2022 F-150 ordering & start of production dates

    What tool do you use to track on train? I have VIN and order number.
  18. Train Carrying New F-150s Derails!

    SO SORRY for your loss. I hope that Ford takes all those customer special orders that got killed on the train and moves them to the front of the line for re-production.