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  1. Washing/Detailing: DIY or Pros?

    For a ceramic coating to maintain its hydrophobic properties, it must be maintained. This does not only mean washing the vehicle. Ceramic coatings can have “clogging” just like a car’s clear coat. To keep the hydrophobic properties, folks have to use the correct shampoo, sometimes iron remover...
  2. Washing/Detailing: DIY or Pros?

    You can do a great interior cleaning by following these basic steps. You can always do more or less as desired. Step 1: Use a brush to get dust, dirt and anything else out of the nooks, crannies, vents, dash, leather seats, etc. I use this brush: Detail Factory Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush...
  3. Washing/Detailing: DIY or Pros?

    I wash and detail my truck myself. I don’t trust anyone to touch the paint nor do I use automatic car wash places. Being honest, it takes me longer than it should at about 3 hours just to wash (not detail) the exterior. I’m OCD so I go over everything meticulously. I even have the full...
  4. Fender Vent Lighting and Badge Replacement - 2022 Lariat

    Looks good. I put in addressable RBG LEDs controlled by a Ghozt controller.
  5. My 2022 F-150 5.0 Rapid Red Lowered Build (on 3/5 Ridetech lowering kit with Fox Shocks)

    Thank you. Wow, I honestly have no idea.. likely a couple of months in hours. LOL
  6. My 2022 F-150 5.0 Rapid Red Lowered Build (on 3/5 Ridetech lowering kit with Fox Shocks)

    I followed the lead of a smart person on one of the Raptor forums to make a plug and play harness for my up-fitter switches. The top part of the harness is hardwired to a ground on the truck and to the up-fitter relay/fuse box. As he stated, this is over the top however I’m doing everything...
  7. My 2022 F-150 5.0 Rapid Red Lowered Build (on 3/5 Ridetech lowering kit with Fox Shocks)

    Finally finished my PTM side vents. Took WAY too long due to life. Also did something an little extra.
  8. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    They 100% can tell if the truck is locked or unlocked. Google the Fordpass Widget from ~2 years ago. It showed MUCH more information than Ford’s app shows. The Widget was amazing. I used it when I got my truck until Ford started locking folks out of their API. Here is a link showing everything...
  9. Where is the setting in Sync for approach detection? (23-PU1009-SS-NS)

    I’m confused as well. My truck has done this since day one. Maybe they added it to models that didn’t have it?
  10. Air Design Fender Vents

    Need to finish mine soon. Too many projects. LOL
  11. Tunes are getting erased by Ford

    There is another thread with a lot of discussion on this. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/ota-update-wiped-tune.24092/page-3#post-456355
  12. OTA update wiped tune

    That’s the kicker for most people… OTA is the only way for a good majority of the folks on this forum. The other way is to use FDRS to apply updates manually. FDRS requires a computer, a $500 USB to OBD-II adapter called Mongoose, a way to provide continuous power to your truck for hours and an...
  13. OTA update wiped tune

    Also, I’m enrolled in the Ford beta program which gets updates before rolled to the full group of trucks. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with why my truck works.
  14. OTA update wiped tune

    I just received an email from OZ about this subject and it states “DO NOT” try to re-flash your tune. I’m going to email them to tell them my experience to try to get more information for us and them. I’m sure they know much more than I do however my truck is working fine.
  15. OTA update wiped tune

    Awesome, so it's not just me. To clarify for others in this thread, I have an SCT tuner.
  16. OTA update wiped tune

    Interesting, I returned my truck back to stock and re-flashed my OZ tune with zero issues at all after I installed the PCM update via FDRS.
  17. OTA update wiped tune

    I did updates via FDRS, it upgraded my PCM tune and wiped my OZ tune. I didn’t catch it because I had been updating my truck for over 2 hours and it was late. The next day I noticed the tune was back to factory. I hooked up my SCT tuner and flashed the truck back to the stock tune stored in...
  18. B&O Unleashed Upgrade DIY Thread (Sub & Amplification)

    Dwasill has done a great job documenting the factory audio system in this thread. I used his wiring information for my full SQ system install in my 2022. My goal is Sound Quality so I replaced all speakers except the headrest and overhead speakers, those are not useful in SQ builds. You can see...
  19. My 2022 F-150 5.0 Rapid Red Lowered Build (on 3/5 Ridetech lowering kit with Fox Shocks)

    Fully installed the amp rack this weekend. Ran into a few issues I am still sorting through.
  20. Blackhole Tiles/Mat in Canada, other than installer?

    Completely understand