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  1. NHTSA opens investigation on Fords Bluecruise

    Top speed with bluecruise running is ~80MPH in my truck at least.
  2. NHTSA opens investigation on Fords Bluecruise

    I'm curious what distance the radar Ford uses for these cars is rated to? The next generation BMW X3 is being trotted out now and they're advertising a 300m range on the radar unit. I feel like that's the first time I've seen that stat listed and I'm now wondering what my F-150 has.
  3. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Seems like something came through because my gauges and MyView was all messed up again but don't know what's going on because I still just have the 6.1 failed message. Can you check and see what's new and what's up with 1FTFW1ED3MFC69445 ?
  4. Powerboost CEL P237C/Exhaust Heat Exchanger Leak Megathread

    I never got the fix done and dealer person reminds me about it every oil change. I noticed recently one of my coolant tanks seemed low. Will have to monitor that and press them for a fix I guess.
  5. New shoes -Toyo Open Country AT3 275/60/20 SL

    Those look great. I have the same color truck. I really liked my last set of TOYOs on my old truck but went back with the stock Pirellis for $$ reasons. You mind sharing what they cost out the door?
  6. Wireless Sync Disconnects In the Same Spot Daily Now?

    I think you have to forget your phone in the carplay/bluetooth/etc setup settings and plug it in only to force your phone to be on WIRED carplay.
  7. Wireless Sync Disconnects In the Same Spot Daily Now?

    I think there are Radio Frequency hot-spots or dead zones like this in some places. Used to be an area I'd run in to on the Interstate I-10 in Baton Rouge that would wipe out my wireless Carplay connection. Doesn't seem to do it in my truck anymore but does it now in my Wife's BMW. I think...
  8. Anyone Have Experience with Dueler AT Revo 3?

    I put them on my 2016 F150 a few years ago replacing a set of Toyo AT2s and didn't like them at all compared to the stock Goodyears? and their replacement Toyos. Lack of wet grip was my main complaint. Traded in that truck with them on on still and not looking to go back to them.
  9. 2021 F-150 Door Keypad Clip Broken - SOLVED

    Just had this problem pop up on my 21 and the part was only about $30 shipped. Hopefully it works for me too. Thanks!
  10. 2024 F150 King Ranch Pictures from Houston Auto Show

    The HUD is the only thing I like about the updated trucks. Love them in our BMWs and with as much info that the powerboost is providing I'd love to have the EV coach and turn by turn in the HUD with my normal trip 1 screen going in the gauge cluster.
  11. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Have had a failed 6.1 update for a few weeks now. Can you look up what's wrong with my late 21 powerboost Lariat with bluecruise? 1FTFW1ED3MFC69445
  12. Automatic Climate Controls Don’t Work

    My 21 works as expected in Auto. Fan speed low unless it's summer time. Set it at 67 or 68 and it leave it.
  13. full screen Waze

    Good to know, thanks.
  14. full screen Waze

    What you using to see that? I see the apple maps icon in the bottom but still I have questions.
  15. Firewood gettin

    Thread title got me real confused. Truck's a 21 not a 24.
  16. Falken Wildpeak R/T - New Tire

    Yeah, there's zero info. Apparently these Coopers are only 43 lbs. for the stock 275/60/20" sizes. That's nice.