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  1. Tampa, FL Dealership?

    I know there are several Ford Dealerships in the Tampa area. I’m moving to Ruskin in May and would like any recommendations on a good service department. Thanks
  2. Day Trip To NC Blue Ridge Parkway

    Just a few pictures of the fall colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday.
  3. Ford Survey?

    I’ve had my truck since 10 March and have not received a survey from Ford. In the past I’ve always received the survey in 2 or 3 weeks. Any else not receive a survey?
  4. Free XM Question?

    Is XM subscription free for 3 months or 6 months?
  5. Spark Plug Scheduled Maintenance

    I was reading through the Scheduled Maintenance list on page 608 of the owners manual and it states that spark plugs on trucks with a power outlet in the bed have to be changed at 55,000 miles. All other engines are 100,000 mile change. I wonder why.
  6. Ford Truck Month ??

    Does anyone know for sure when Ford Truck Month is? Hoping for additional discounts.
  7. Where Are The Hybrids??

    I've not been able to locate a single Hybrid at a dealer within 150 miles of me and that includes major cities such as Raleigh and Charlotte where there are several large dealerships. Has Ford even started shipping the Hybrids?
  8. 4X2 Powerboost MPG ?

    I've been trying to find the EPA MPG figures by locating a 2WD Powerboost on line by doing a dealer search of their inventory. I've only been able to locate a few by searching inventory in major cities in the south. All the ones I've located have it stamped in red on the window sticker "EPA...