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  1. 21 PB Jack of All Trades WDH?

  2. 2023 PB, should I buy it?

    I u are towing with i If u are towing with it check the door labels for cargo capacity. My xlt is 1609, some lariat and above options only ha e as low as 1200 Pounds
  3. Undercoating

    I live in Myrtle Beach sc, i used Amsoil HD metal protector. Will ha e to reapply every 2 yrs. 7 - 8 cans should do a thorough job.
  4. Pricing comparison - Ford F150 XLT Crewcab 3.5l Powerboost Hybrid

    U have to get the 7.2 kw propower. I have the 2.7kw. Bought it used back in Jan 2022 for 55,900 used with 7k miles. I regret not knowing the differences at the time.
  5. Factory mudflaps - whistling?

    I have the husky mud flaps and rear wheel well liners
  6. North Carolina FS OE 18” XLT Wheels & Tires, Reduced $600

    Are they still available????
  7. Won't start- Stop Safely Now U0412, P0563, P0ADF

    Uy some news batteries. They only last 3 yrs now anyway.
  8. Check your rear brakes. 2022 PB

    They look brand new, but the guide channels look rusty. You need to lube the u-shaped end channels so the pads slide on the caliper. Lightly sand the the channel on the pads there and the guild on the caliper.
  9. Warranty on 2021

    I bought a 10 yr/150000 bumper to bumper when I purchased it used in January 2022 with 7000 miles on it already. $2800 from the dealer. Not a Ford warranty. Hoping it was worth it and covers everything that goes wrong.
  10. North Carolina FS OE 18” XLT Wheels & Tires, Reduced $600

    2 questions. Where are you located and are they goodyear wranglers?
  11. Loading/unloading a 450 lbs safe from truck bed

    Get more people to help!!!
  12. I Need Some Towing Help

    It tows fine, but have not been out west on the planes with 40 mph headwinds yet. We'll see the true test then. My previous tow vehicle was a 2004 Suburban with 5.3L. After 18 years it was just tired and I probably overloaded that truck every trip towing. I put it on a Truck scale once at...
  13. I Need Some Towing Help

    Personally, my XLT powerboost will barely tow my 34 ft coachman apex travel trailer with my XLT 1610 payload capability and loaded for traveling. Hitch wt on the hitch label is 1160, and my trailer hitch wt is over 900 loaded. Towing capacity with the PB is 11,000. Total trailer wt is 7800...
  14. Window squeaking fix?

    Spray a little silicone in the guides
  15. show us your PowerBoost suspension mods

    I bought the bags with built in bump stops.
  16. show us your PowerBoost suspension mods

    I run it with zero air pressure when un loaded. The ride is fine.
  17. Windshield wipers recall.

    My wiper arms with blades were just replaced on the recall and I DID NOT have to wait for a failure, That is Bull Shyt, Beach Ford, Myrtle Beach SC wiper arms were in stock, I called and they came out with the mobile repair truck.
  18. How to turn off the lights down by the feet and in the door panels?

    I just had an update, I think. Because my 12 inch display was black for about 10 minutes after starting and driving down the road. Back to normal after that.
  19. Do I really...

    Get a powerboost and save gas. 25 mpg around town and 30 on highway at 60mph. Slow down and save. Towing is still 9mpg
  20. Show us what your F-150 tows

    My 2004 5.3L suburban in October 2021. 34ft coachman apex 293RLDS was just to heavy at 7600 pounds. Now i have a 2021 Powerboost but no pics of it connected to the trailer. Better than 25mph up hill in second gear on the interstate. Sold the Burb January of 2022 and bought the PB in February...