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  1. Musty Gym Bag Smell

    You must have a sun roof. Happens to Me as well the headliner is getting wet and causing a mildew smell. Once it’s sunny out roll the windows down and air it out.
  2. Fox or Bilstiens?

    Just got my 5100s installed. Haven’t hit the highway but I can already tell driving my neighborhood that it has way better dampening. Best $400 I’ve spent, should have done this day 1.
  3. Fox or Bilstiens?

    Good input regarding the Powerboost. I’m going to give the Bilstiens a run and see what happens. Cheap enough experiment.
  4. Moonroof leaks through B&O speaker on headliner

    The lines are most likely pinched in the A pillar which causes them to get overwhelmed. Mine drain fine when I pour a glass of water in there to test but anytime we have sustained rain it leaks. One of my projects is to pull the whole thing apart.
  5. Fox or Bilstiens?

    Ok I’m finally going to pull the trigger on rear shocks. I can get Fox2.0s installed for 500 or the 5100s for 400 installed. I do zero off-roading unless you count the pothole ridden streets of Dallas.
  6. F150 3.5l powerboost

    Have a Powerboost and I love it, but if it's just a family vehicle and will never see off road use. If that sounds like you as well and MPGs are the most important, then finding a 2WD w/ 3.31 gearing will get you more MPGs than simply switching engine options.
  7. Introducing Bluepilot! A Ford specific fork for Comma3X / OpenPilot

    I know this is the F150 forum, but im curious if any of the experts here know if this will work on a Super Duty?
  8. Water leak coming in from the speaker in the headliner with b&o

    Anyone have suggestions for drying out their headliner so it doesn't smell like mildew/mold?
  9. Moonroof leaks through B&O speaker on headliner

    Well this has been happening to me regularly lately. I park on flat driveway and last night parked on a fairly steep driveway tail high and it still happened. So im not sure truck orientation is a major factor. Last night we got a ton of rain and my headliner is soaked. Im curious about the...
  10. Virginia 2015-2023 F150 4x4 Steeda Rear Sway Bar

    Why did you go a different route and what did you do?
  11. Can we talk about License Plate holder locations, Shutters & aftermarket Intercoolers?

    Could just take your front plate off. I havent run one in Texas for nearly 20 years and its only been issue one time and I got a warning for it.
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Changed Enginer and Cab Air Filters Removed factory udnerside diaper and replaced with the Raptor Skid Plat.
  13. Factory catalytic converter protection

    Yes mine was ripping off, so I replaced it with the metal one.
  14. Factory catalytic converter protection

    So I installed this today on my 21 Powerboost. The front passenger side is nearly impossible due to the coolant lines and crash bar. I unbolted about 3 of the coolant line clips and it gave me some play to where I could get the bolt in there, but could not thread it in enough by hand to get my...
  15. What tools do you keep in your truck?

    Sig P365 Larue 300BO w/ 2" Barrel Kershaw OTF ODBMX+ Ratchet Straps Tire Pressure Gauge
  16. Better to replace spark plugs earlier than 100K if running a tune? Also, any better than OEM sparkplug options available?

    What plugs did you go with? I see Livernois sells a set for our trucks but not sure if there is any real benefit over OEM for a daily driver.
  17. OTA issues with Cobb tuner

    Interesting. Im surprised your PCM update went through considering you were tuned. Edit: you should go post in the OTA and show everyone how many updates you have been getting...get people fired up! :)
  18. NHTSA opens investigation on Fords Bluecruise

    I reccomend setting your CC to 79mph, on downhills you can easily hit 81 and it will kick you out of Handfree mode.
  19. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    Who woulda thought people would be wanting a BCM update? :lipssealed: