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  1. 24-PU0121-FTDI-FX update -- BMS correction?

    Is this the great BMS correction we’ve been waiting for?
  2. ROTAX 1630 ACE 230hp on 87 Octane

    BRP states the supercharged 1630 ROTAX engine takes 87. Well, so does my PB, but has higher performance numbers on 93. Is the Sea Doo engine also designed to adjust the timing tables for various fuel octane values?
  3. OBDLinkMX+

    I started this thread because I’m learning to configure and utilize this product. If there is already a dedicated thread I apologize.
  4. What is Happening?

    What is going on?
  5. On board wifi works!

    Distracted driving old man style 😎
  6. Bronco Wildtrak Lux Pkg vs Defender 110 entry level

    What are your thoughts? The Bronco has a 2.7L Ecoboost engine so I posted here where the experts are. https://mullinaxfordfl.com/sale/ford-bronco-orlando-fl/2023-ford-bronco-1fmee5dp6plb38366 The defender is likely more expensive and purportedly more refined, but I have the 12" Sync4 system...
  7. Mobile Hotspot antenna and range

    Does the built-in mobile hotspot equipment have an external antenna and how does its' range compare to an iphone 13 inside the cabin?
  8. Pro-Line Boats

    Are they still in business? I'm interested in their 20 Express walkaround cuddy, but I can't find an active dealer. Used boats in good condition are through the roof right now, so I wanted to compare just buying new.
  9. Paint Chip

    I'm traveling more now with my new truck and the beautiful paint up front is taking damage. Do I just use touch up paint or is there a better way? This is just the beginning. What works? Thanks.
  10. Regenerative Breaking

    Is there a way to discern when the conventional brakes begin augmenting the motor/generators' effort to slow the vehicle? Is it possible to apply pressure to the brake pedal without engaging the discs?