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  1. Cameras in Motion

    Any chance anyone can help me with cameras in motion. Initially the forscan changed enabled my cameras in motion on my 2021 Job 1. Some update late last year messed it up where it gets stuck on the rear view camera and the buttons to select the different views disappeared. I have tried updating...
  2. Power-Up 2.8.2

    I just got a notification that my truck just updated to Power-Up 2.8.2. Future Proofing your F-150 The biggest change we made is to begin prepping your truck so that is can easily receive even more sophisticated updates from us in the future. An additional download will arrive soon to...
  3. Bug Deflector Journey

    Thought I would post to help you guys with decisions if you are looking at or planning on installing some sort of hood protector/bug deflector. I went down a rabbit hole trying to find one that will look good but not mess up the hood. Started with the Ford bug deflector that sits off the hood...
  4. Power-up 2.1

    Just got a notification the Power-up 2.1 was installed. No info on what it fixed.