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  1. Powerboost vibration and other frustrating issues...

    My 2022 powerBoost Transmission sucks .. I had the Ford dealer look at my transmission numerous times . and A vibration from the steering wheel. also a cracking sound coming from the speakers when the truck is off . My opinion in 2022 the ford quality is INFERIOR Right after Covid ! Ford should...
  2. Harsh Shifting after fluid change

    The 10r80 transmission is a piece of junk . Very sensitive transmission. A qualified service technician should flush and refill the transmission. You should change the filter at the same interval .
  3. Weird steering lock up issues

    sounds like stop and start Feature the engine shuts off at a stop and then starts again
  4. Is your Power Boost Level?

    My driver side is a half inch higher than the Passenger side . i think the reason why is the gas tank and the drivers .... to compensate for the drivers weight and gas . Were you on flat ground When you took the measurements
  5. When to do first oil change

    Rob yes i did open the first filter and Everything looked Intact It has some silicone and breaking metals residue inside the Pleats but The end of the filter adhesive wasn't falling apart .When I use the mobile one with a Motorcraft oil filter That's when I saw the adhesive falling apart.. I...
  6. When to do first oil change

    I did that Combination with that mobil one oil and Motorcraft filter . So on ever oil change i do i will cut the oil filter open to see inside . what i found was the filter Adhesive was coming apart with mobil one oil . I recommend not using .here a pic
  7. How much is Ford spying on us?

    to do this you have to remove your phone from the truck fordpass . So to do that you have to reset it back to factory Setting. In your truck so it disconnect the phone from your truck
  8. Oil filter adhesive breaking apart

    So I guess not to use mobile one oil with that filter !! here a pic of the Adhesive falling apart in my hand
  9. Oil filter adhesive breaking apart

    thank you for your input!!!
  10. Oil filter adhesive breaking apart

    Hi everyone thoughts any about this?! Every time I do it oil change I cut my oil filter apart . I don't know why but I just do to check what's inside. This time the oil filter metal top plate fell off where the adhesive attaches the Pleated filter!!! And bottom was coming off also . The oil...
  11. Dealer put 40 miles on truck, is that normal?

    Just were wondering on the service invoice does it say miles in and miles out ? 40 miles does not sound right
  12. Deleting the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob (Aka Noob Knob)

    Don’t use it . The knob doesn’t bother me. Where it is either. What Ford should do is take the knob out and put a bigger screen in the place of it .
  13. Deleting the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob (Aka Noob Knob)

    you should buy a truck that does not come with it. Simple enough right
  14. Ford Responsiveness

    its amazing . tell them how you feel. you are disappointed
  15. Ford Responsiveness

    they did the same to me !! then they said to go to the ford dealer . the truck is not worth the aggravation
  16. Thumping Noise Near Rear Passenger Side

    The main screen used to turn on and off by itself. And other things used to shut off and reset on by itself
  17. California Proposal To Limit Speeds To 10 Over Speed Limits!

    Have to get those idiot politicians out of office They have no common sense and they want to control everything that we do
  18. Post Your List of Repairs/Failures (Warranty, or otherwise)

    Here I go mile 4000 front seat cover and Replace trans valve body forJerking and hard shifting 11000 bce module reprogram for popping noise from speakers Rebuilt transmission .fix for 2nd time forJerking hard shifting Battery...
  19. Axle confusion

    Axle would look like this
  20. Thumping Noise Near Rear Passenger Side

    On the center screen when you shut the truck off does it say shut vehicle off to save battery It sounds like your battery is not 100% charged And are you sure the thumping noise is not coming from speakers