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  1. Ford Power-Up 6.1.0

    The update mentions update to blue cruise map expiration... what does that mean? My blue cruise subscription was scheduled to end January 2024, now I can't seem to find my expiration date listed.
  2. Wireless Phone Charging for Lariat and Below Models

    I bought this holder and it works great! It looks good and holds my phone well without modification. I have a S22 in an otterbox commuter.
  3. Ford Dealerships Not Using Motorcraft Oil?

    Last time I took my truck to my local dealer's quick lube I watched them put in Motorcraft synthetic blend from the quarts. The dealer by me has a waiting room with large windows where you can watch them work on your vehicle.
  4. What happened to 1 year free of Bluecruise? I only got 5 months!

    That was from the sync in the truck. The connected services is different? I will have to check that out
  5. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    So I started a new thread with this and I haven't had any action on it so I wanted to ask you guys.... After finally waiting to get my Bluecruise added to my job 1 truck I received the unpleasant surprise that they only gave me 5 months on my subscription, not 1 year like the email from Ford...
  6. What happened to 1 year free of Bluecruise? I only got 5 months!

    So after finally waiting to get my Bluecruise added to my job 1 truck I received the unpleasant surprise that they only gave me 5 months...? Ford care to chime in on this one?
  7. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    Now went from 2.8.2 to 2.8.3. OTA. Looks like some cameras work while driving. Glad to see the OTA updates are finally rolling out.
  8. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    Ok so I had to know if it actually worked... Drove specifically to the nearest expressway to try it, and it does work! Received BC over the air, finally!
  9. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    Also I have been receiving updates at a rate of about 2 a week lately. I was at 2.3.0 at the beginning of May. And when it updated last night it was parked not on wifi. I work some nights so it was sitting in my work parking lot.
  10. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    Not in EAP. Job 1 Nov 2020 build. I did double check it said specifically 2.8.2.
  11. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    I just received update 2.8.2 overnight last night. Along with the notification from Ford that bluecruise is now active however I didn't have to schedule any downtime unless it did it last night when I have updates scheduled..? Question for those of you that have confirmed functioning BC...
  12. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    So I just received a notification that I received an update, I went from 2.3 to 2.6. I wonder if bluecruise will work now....
  13. Oil Change at dealership while recalls

    I had a similar concern for the same reasons. I checked the driveshaft before I took it in to make sure it wasn't damaged. Mine was perfect so I took it in, had the recall done and an oil change, no problems.
  14. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    It did say bluecruise active clear as day in the center of my tach when I turned it on but the real test will have to wait. My dealer has been very helpful and they have updated several trucks before mine. I did ask some questions and their mechanic that does these came out and answered my...
  15. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    So this is where I am at, picked it up today, updated at the dealer. But it did say bluecruise active when I tried it but the traffic and rain was so bad I gave up and headed back home when I tried it. It was never able to find the lines on the road and traffic was bumper to bumper. I will...
  16. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    Haha, this exact thing happened to me today! Picked up the truck after 2 days of being at the dealer and still at 2.3 but it said bluecruise active on the dash for the first time. I tried testing it further but it was pouring rain and crazy slow traffic so it was even having a hard time...