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  1. NO POWER @ 2.4 outlet in bed

    I get absolutely no power at the outlet in bed. The sync system sees when i plug something into it but wont power anything. Anyone else with issues?
  2. 2 levels of Park???

    Sometimes when i shift into park, it will go a little further than park. In between folded mode and park mode. When i later go to back out of garage, i have to move the lever 2 positions to get out of park.
  3. Active Air Dam in action - deploying at 45 mph

    I hung a GoPro on the tow hook and captured the front dam in action. Seems to deploy at about 45mph.
  4. A few things you won’t see covered in YouTube reviews

    I have a platinum powerboost massage seats can be controlled with lumbar support button on seat when i turn my fancy headlights on, they go through motions as if it were rolling its eyes. the shape of front door windows are much different a Leer 2020 bed cover fits great. if going through a...
  5. Platinum grill video

    Fun with the camera
  6. Tailgate seal. 2021 has better fit compared to previous gen?

    while preparing for a bed cover install, I noticed what appears to be a small flare at the bottom of tailgate. This flare seems to cut the gap in half compared to gen 13. Tailgate seal is still needed to keep dust out but not as thick
  7. Windshield Transportation Markings ?

    Dealer sent me this shot of my truck just off truck. I took delivery 2hrs later. For some reason, there were 40+ miles on it already???? anyway I was wondering if the markings meant anything to anyone
  8. Carbonized gray

    Showing the metal flake in the Carbonized Gray
  9. Running board embargo

    My truck was busted for running board violations. It is one of 7000+~ waiting for hardware update. I’m told dealers can not release new truck with old running board brain.