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  1. 2023 PB, should I buy it?

    I agree with your finding. However, go to this link for some additional insight. You may have to copy and paste. I am not good at mastering this new monthly pay Windows program. https://red.msudenver.edu/2024/though-rare-fires-in-electric-vehicles-pose-serious-risks/
  2. Cylinder Deactivation Issues for 2021 F-150, anyone?

    I have a V8/V4 readout on the instrument panel.
  3. 2023 PB, should I buy it?

    I understand. You pay your money and take your risks. Maybe battery fires are inevitable. Maybe I should just not use lithium-ion batteries at all. You are correct with your comment about living with lithium-ion batteries. However you fail to address the lack of technology in a vehicle of...
  4. 2023 PB, should I buy it?

    I will comment on the most controversial part of the powerboost. This is my opinion and is not based on anything other than what I read on Lithium-ion batteries. And I read plenty. Park the truck at least 30 feet from your house. When lithium-Ion's catch on fire it is difficult to control...
  5. Cylinder Deactivation Issues for 2021 F-150, anyone?

    I realize this is not about a Ford 5.0, but the GMs are the ones that get all the bad press. That being said, I have a 2011 6.2 GMC Yukon Denali XL with 211,000 miles that has never had the first inkling of a problem. GM gets all the blame. I haven't heard a word about Ford, but I know they...
  6. Wheel Size 22" or 20"

    22's look good, but you will sacrifice ride quality. The wife has a 2011 GMC Yukon Denali XL AWD with 20's and a 2023 Yukon Denali XL 4WD with 22's. Both have the factory MagnaRides on them. I cannot tell any difference in the rides between the two. I had MagnaRides on my 2010 CTS V and run...
  7. Levelling a 2021 Lariat using Ford dealership?

    What is the downside to leveling the rear. Does it mess up camera angles? Headlights?
  8. Firestone Lifetime Alignment

    Lifetime alignments are another way to get you in the door so they can look for things to replace. These are NOT trustworthy shops. They are there to sell tires and parts, mostly to little old ladies. My daughter bought tires along with the lifetime alignment. She hit a big pothole. The car...
  9. 2021 F150 3.5 EB FX4 XLT - low speeds thunk from rear coming off gas

    Many times that can be a lube problem between driveshaft connections at the transmission. The solution is to take the drive shaft off, put wheel bearing grease in the front connection to the transmission, then, slide it back on and test it again. The driveshaft is designed to slip at the...
  10. Ceramic coating?

    I might get my 2023 Bentley Continental GTC V8 AWD ceramic coated, but I keep it in my garage. Or I would if I had one to put in the garage. I suck it up and put my 2021 F150 instead. It's a truck. Clear coat is good. I don't have dogs or boats or kids. No one to douche it out other than...
  11. Navigation database of speed limits by location is not accurate

    Other than growing up in Texas and spending 46 years of my professional life logging 30,000 plus miles annually, most on freeway, interstate, or state highways with 5 fishing cars (1972 454 Corvette, 1990 Taurus SHO, 2005 Cadillac CTS V, 2010 Cadillac CTS V, 2018 Corvette Z06), the rest were run...
  12. Found out how long it takes to go into Deep Sleep Mode

    I make sure mine are charged up before I leave on a trip. When I come back from a 29 day roadtrip I plugged the trickle chargers in and they all come quickly back to full charge. I do not leave any trickle chargers running when I am out. Just cautious. The start once a week by Daniel G and...
  13. Anyone ever wired money for purchase?

    Great advice. I will call in the AM just to inquire. Although I am thinking I have bought my last car/truck, stranger things have happened.
  14. Buy Back on 23 F150

    I totaled my 2023 F150 after financing 100% of the truck, tax, title, extentended warranty, etc. at 0%. I kept my mouth shut but they eventually caught up with me and I had to write the check. In the meantime I had purchased a new to me 21 F150 to help absorb some of the loss.
  15. Can my F150 Handle Towing This Travel Trailer?

    I suggest an F250. Your risk with the f150 is that the trailer may end up towing you.
  16. Anyone ever wired money for purchase?

    Thank you. It can happen to all of us, whether we finance or not. I hated to go back to a 2021, but I am happy with it so far.
  17. Anyone ever wired money for purchase?

    I'm not sure how you might overcome the risks of accidents. I can be schooled. I just had my 2023 2,000 mile special order totaled. Surprise, my truck had depreciated 10%. Now I did finance 100% of the purchase price plus closing, sales tax, etc of that truck at 0%. I was hoping that they...
  18. Anyone ever wired money for purchase?

    Any car I buy is purchased by Fed bank wire. I inspect it first, then authorize release of wire to the dealer's bank. That usually takes 2 to 3 hours. I am secure with the inspection of the truck. The dealer is secure because he can see the wire hit his account. The downside is that the...
  19. Navigation database of speed limits by location is not accurate

    I just walked in from a 29 day road trip through the south and up to New England. I opened this thread and died laughing. We are now worrying about dashboard speed limits? Come on now. In Texas speed limits are suggestions only.
  20. 2023 F150 Lane Centering Disabled while towing, WHY?

    I will be blunt here. It is stupid to think lane centering works consistently. It does not! It will not! I am speaking from experience on BlueCruise and SuperCruise. If it fails, for instance going around a long curve (which is common), then you must catch it. Next thing you know the...