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  1. Considering a 2022 F150 hybrid purchase

    22’ owner here. Any issue I had has been resolved and nothing left me stranded. Has everything I could ever want and is a great daily driver. I get 18-21mpg but I’m mostly city and have it leveled on heavier wheels and tires. No regrets with my purchase.
  2. 2023 PB, should I buy it?

    I have a 22 PB. Has had a couple of the issues described but no regrets in my purchase. I would buy the same platform again. Never left me stranded anywhere, and I’ve taken it to the middle of nowhere with no cell service without stressing
  3. How many windshields have you gone through?

    2 years original glass no issues
  4. RCI Skid Plates Installed

    I have the same skids on mine. Love the extra protection off road. Bought a fumoto valve and then ran some tubing from it to the edge of the plate for oil changes. Easy breezy
  5. CB radios - anyone using?

    I have a UHF/VHF dual band in the center console and a pretty slick mount at the 3rd brake light. Does the job when wheeling
  6. What weird quality issues did you find shortly after buying your truck?

    I think so but can’t find the thread currently. Would be nice to get it fixed before warranty is up. Knowing my dealer though, they’d tell me it’s normal and to live with it.
  7. What weird quality issues did you find shortly after buying your truck?

    22 PB, delivered June 22. Only real thing I can remember (and still live with), is the softer side of the plastic cowl by the antenna keeps popping up and sitting on top of the fender slightly.
  8. How to preserve finish

    PPF, then ceramic coat over the PPF would be ideal however it will be very expensive. Most local Southern California estimates for full PPF wrap are $8000-$12000, and are good for about 10 years if maintained properly. You could totally PPF the front end, but i've seen examples where the paint...
  9. Reasonably priced tonneau cover

    I wanted something light weight, easy to remove, and just enough to keep eyes off what I keep in the bed on a daily basis. Bought this for under $300 a year ago and would definitely buy again. It won’t prevent theft if someone really wants in, but it works for me...
  10. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Sure wish I saw my mileage go up like that after the BMS update!
  11. Method wheel help

  12. Method wheel help

    I prefer more tire than wheel for my application (quite a bit of off roading). Method 316’s in 17x8.5, 0 offset.
  13. Max Recline Seat comfortable for few night sleep in the cab?

    Can’t comment on the max recline because I don’t have them, but I do have a lot of experience sleeping off the grid with the truck. I don’t think any seats would be comfortable or large enough to enjoy a nights sleep in. I’d think those are more for a nap

    Maybe a rat chewed the wrong wire.
  15. When to Buy Extended Warranty

    I’ve had my truck 2 years and realize I’m going to keep it much longer, so I’ll be purchasing one soon
  16. Chime While Towing...

    Check the top of the center display screen next time it goes off. Most likely a height restriction warning about an overpass coming up on your route. Pretty annoying haha
  17. Catalytic converter shield powerboost

    Here’s a couple pics of my RCI Skids, with the cat converter shields attached to each side. If I were to do it again, I’d splurge for the aluminum for weight savings but otherwise love the product.
  18. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    Thanks homie. Bought the truck before I joined the forum or considered purchasing out of state. Next time
  19. Catalytic converter shield powerboost

    I bought a full set of RCI skid plates, including the cat shields. Super sturdy and well made. You could order the pieces separately