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  1. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    There should be a big warning saying that. I almost died when the deep snow turned to solid ice. I was not aware the rear end was locked up and so I almost lost control. Should not do that on hard surface dry either. Agreed.
  2. Burning plastic smell while towing

    Look at the passenger side heat shield applied to the frame near the cats. Mine all melted due to the adhesive coming off of the frame and allowing the heat shield to get close to the cats. Needless to say, the smell stops eventually.
  3. 60k Spark Plug Change

    Boosted vehicles always run rich on the OEM tune. Even with aftermarket tuning, boosted engines will always be slightly rich when generating max power.
  4. Not notified about Rear Axle Shaft & Hub Assembly Recall CSB 22B34

    Just in case anyone on this thread wants to know, the axle can float inboard or outboard and leave you using 4 wheel drive to get back home. Rear end just free wheeled with no power to the ground. This just happened to my brothers 21 EB lariat. lol! 😂
  5. Coolant low and changing color

    My 21 PB with 70k had the coolant change colors. My coolant went down below the minimum slightly too over the life of the truck. My brother’s 21 EB had the coolant go down below minimum some over his 70k miles. The color of his coolant matches mine exactly. My PB coolant color turned at 20k...
  6. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    I felt like it did rather well. The older SP I tried yesterday did not do well and exhibited those characteristics you mentioned. Since the SP-dev-c3 uses the lemon pie driving model, the long control was much better. I am thinking of making edits to the brake pre-charging in the code and...
  7. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Just posting a pic from the UI showing the two software versions that can be switched between without uninstalling if you use the installer link I put in my previous post. Again, both have the F-150 fingerprint and comfort precision set.
  8. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Ok… SP “dev-c3” using lemon pie model seems to do very well. Keep in mind I am in experimental mode with long control turned on, as well as, nearly every other toggle. lol. I haven’t had one instance (so far) where I felt that the long control wasn’t sufficient and was going to create an...
  9. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Ok just spent all morning creating my own repo with OP and SP in the same repo folder. These are the most up to date versions of OpenPilot and SunnyPilot as of this morning. I updated both to include the F-150 Gen 14 Fingerprint as well as the Comfort precision settings. OpenPilot is the master...
  10. WARNING: 2021 F150 hybrid tow brakes

    What are the chances that the trailer is the issue. I had similar issue and it was a shorted trailer brake wire which cause the system to turn off.
  11. Mileage while pulling camper

    If my calculations are correct, I had 16,940 in tow + payload when I crossed the scales. This is per the Ford Towing sheet and would make me 4,540 over official Powerboost capacity. I had load levelers on the trailer at maximum setting as well. Either way, the fact that there was less wind...
  12. Mileage while pulling camper

    Weight doesn’t matter as much as wind drag does. This was on flat terrain and I was severely overloaded. Look at the gross vehicle weight. 22,940 🤣😂
  13. New iPhone 15 Pro won’t work with CarPlay

    I just checked mine as I hadn’t added my new phone yet. It all seems to be working properly on my end.
  14. Issue Towing TT with Lane Centering

    I can confirm the 2023 trucks will not allow lane centering while towing. I towed with 2 2023 models and lane centering was not functional with a TT connected. I’ve towed 7000 lbs across the US two times with my 2021 Powerboost using lane centering the entire time without issue. I have 6.2.0...
  15. Misfire codes on 2021 powerboost platinum

    I got the misfire code. Ford data says they screwed up the gap in the plugs. Change your plugs and don't drop them inside the head. Lower them down with the proper spark plug socket with o-ring to hold the spark plug as you lower it and screw it in. Nearly every ford vehicle out right now has a...