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  1. Interior lights not turning on after sitting for a few days on trickle charger

    Hi everyone, I'm experiencing something odd with my F-150 and could use some insights. My truck usually sits for about a week at a time, connected to a 4-amp trickle charger which keeps the battery stable at around 13 volts. I've verified the charger's effectiveness and correct placement for...
  2. GM to add supercruise hands-free driving on rural roads

    It looks like GM will be doubling it's network of hands-free driving roads. Hopefully Ford is taking notes and won't be far behind. https://www.axios.com/2024/02/15/gm-super-cruise-expands
  3. Ford Blue Cruise expiration email

    I just received the following email from Ford regarding my blue cruise expiring.
  4. Ford BlueCruise Ranked Third In ADA Comparison Test: Video

    It's interesting to see all the BC 1.3 video starting to come out. The common theme is it's a significant improvement over 1.0 but no one seems to agree on which system is the best, they all obviously need continued refinement...
  5. Should there be condensation under my truck when the AC is running?

    Today at work I was in a unique situation where I had to idle for about 6 hours with the air conditioning on, The temperature outside is 82° with about 45% humidity. After 6 hours when I drove away I noticed that the asphalt under the truck was completely dry not even a drip, The AC blew ice...
  6. Ford owners prefer factory infotainment over Android Auto

    I'm curious what you folks think? I'm not sure I could own a vehicle without Android Auto. https://fordauthority.com/2023/07/ford-owners-prefer-factory-systems-over-android-auto/amp/
  7. 2.5" level with Bluecruise

    I've been starting to look into doing a 2.5" level on my 21 lariat with activated bluecruise (co-pilot 360 active). I've noticed a lot of the leveling kits have a disclaimer saying that they could adversely affect Blue Cruise functionality. Can anyone confirm if this is true or not? Thanks!
  8. Android Auto Cool Walk update now live for Beta Users

    In combination with the recent Sync update, Android users can now look forward to full screen Google maps. General rollout is scheduled for 2023
  9. how concerned should I be?

    I noticed this today. Haven't noticed anything leaking on the ground but it does appear to be oily. Truck has about 10K miles on it.
  10. Bluecruise 1.2 release

    Sounds like the Mach E is getting a nice Blue Cruise upgrade, followed by the lightning. Maybe one day it will make it down to us https://electrek.co/2022/09/08/2023-mustang-mach-e-gaining-hands-free-lane-changes-with-fords-bluecruise-1-2-update/ Lane change assist: The system will...
  11. Changing truck from Canadian to USA config

    I live in the US and purchased a used 2021 F-150 Lariet that was originally delivered from the factory to Canada. I notice that even after changing the defaults in the vehicle settings it still shows a smaller speedometer with KM listed. Does ananyone know if a procedure to change the truck...
  12. how do you clear alerts in fordpass?

    This seems like it should be obvious, but how the heck do you clear alerts in the ford pass app? I received my first ever software update a few days ago and it still shows as an active alert, nothing in message center and no obvious way to make it go away.
  13. Does using FORScan affect ability to receive OTA software updates?

    If you make a modification to your vehicle with FORScan (like turning off double honk) does that impact your ability to receive OTA updates? If you do get updates OTA,or from dealer will that revert changes you've made?