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  1. 10r80 CDF clutch cylinder sleeve built on dates.

    TSB says this affects “10R80 or 10R80 MHT transmission with a vehicle build date on or before 15-Aug-2022”
  2. 6.2.0 part 2

    Anybody else get this weird-ass update?
  3. Downloading Power-Up 6.8.0 Today

    My 2022 F-150 was stuck on 4.2.4 until I addressed my recall issues.
  4. RAMCharger has been announced. The Hybrid Ford should be building.....

    This RAMCharger is the most compelling competition to the Powerboost. Curious how real world MPG plays out when towing/hauling. The weight savings from not having an ICE transmission gave RAM a lot of leeway for increasing the battery size.
  5. Fox 2.0 Coilovers installed -- review and photos

    What size tires are you using now? What’s the impact to your MPG?
  6. Ford Power-Up 6.2.0

    Jumped from 4.2.4 to 6.2.0. Maybe it had something to do with the factory recall work done last week.
  7. 2022 F150 Lariat Build!

    Truck looks clean AF.
  8. 2024 Platinum interior - real life photo

    2024 F-150 LIGHTNING Platinum
  9. How long do you plan on keeping your truck?

    Curious what “comes time to buy?” means to you?
  10. How long do you plan on keeping your truck?

    Ha! My 1st new vehicle was an 07 Camry that I still have. My 22 PB is also my 2nd new vehicle, and 1st truck! Camry has 215K on the odometer, and still running smoothly. I should be able to get to 300K, and basically keep it forever. I’ve been babying my 22 PB: PPF wrap, oil changes at 5K...
  11. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    That’s awesome, man! My 2022 has 2 more years on the BC subscription. IF they don’t upgrade us to 1.3 soon, I will definitely not renew. Heck, even if they upgrade my BC, I’m going to seriously consider the Comma 3x when my subscription runs out. The subscription model is total BS.
  12. 2024 F-150 Refresh Revealed! New Design, Tech, Base 2.7L EcoBoost Engine, Pro Access Tailgate

    Not compelling enough to push me out of my 2022. The new tailgate is nifty, but not a game changer. Also, why not add a step to the corner of the bumper like GMC/Chevy work trucks? Such an easy design change to implement. …and like that other guy said: Why no digital rearview mirror?! With...
  13. 2022 Powerboost Platinum died and left me stranded in Moab

    😂 They’re going to tell you to contact a dealer. They make a decent showing in the forums, but not much more than that.
  14. 2022 Powerboost Platinum died and left me stranded in Moab

    Please keep us posted when you identify the root cause. Got me shook. My 22 PB has 20K miles and has no history of issues. Stories like yours always scare the shit out of me.
  15. Switching From Lightning - Powerboost Reliability?

    My 22 PB has 20K miles on it from driving cross country with an in bed camper. No issues to date. I love it. Great milage and smooth ride as noted by many others. Warning: fuel efficiency plummets when towing/hauling. A diesel’s probably better if that is the intended use. Have not had much...
  16. BlueCruise 1.3 Software - Coming Soon - Mach E's

    I’m happy that Ford is deploying Bluecruise updates faster. But it’s extremely disappointing to hear nothing about when ICE trucks and other vehicles equipped with Bluecruise will be updated. I know Ford is chasing the electric dream with Mach-Es and Lightnings, but damn….it really sucks to sit...