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  1. Bugattis new V16

    The gauge cluster is a piece of art. It's also wild to see the steering wheel spin without the center spinning with it.
  2. Underfilled Transmission Fluid - Has This Issue Ended?

    I wasn't aware this was an issue but the dealership added some transmission fluid a couple weeks ago when I took the truck in for the aux transmission fluid pump starting to act up. Mine is a '22.
  3. How many windshields have you gone through?

    '22 with about 23k miles and no issues yet. I work in a heavy building construction and road construction area so I'm surprised I haven't had any issues yet. There was one dump truck merging onto the highway that chucked a good sized rock that hit the windshield I was surprised didn't cause any...
  4. Facebook Marketplace is dangerous

    I should actually sell the retractable tonneau the truck came with that's been sitting in my garage for 2 years lol
  5. Power running boards not retracting

    I'm surprised they would recommend white lithium grease vs a dry graphite type of lube. At work we prefer to use the graphite lube over a lithium in our air handlers since it doesn't pick up dirt/dust/etc as much. Granted, I just trusted the experienced HVAC guys know what they're talking about...
  6. CEL the day warranty ends

    I'm sure you're SOL, but do you have the Ford Pass app? My app receives a timestamped message when it gets a check engine light. Maybe they would accept that more than a picture on your phone but my guess is that since you're not at the dealership before it expires then they won't cover it.
  7. Ford Pass Active Alerts: TIME TO PLAN YOUR NEXT OIL CHANGE???

    My guess is a bug with the app. I would just continue with your current plan.
  8. Truck jumps like I got hit after coming to complete stop.

    Good luck. I never got any resolution. They would not commit to replacing any parts unless the check engine light actively popped up during their troubleshooting test drives with their equipment installed, even though there were many events in the log and them acknowledging feeling the sensation...
  9. Previously resolved transmission shudder returns

    My dealership rents their vehicles out now instead of just providing loaners. The rental I had through them had a dealer tag on it. They ended up waiving my rental fee for the week I drove their Explorer since they couldn't fix my issue, although all signs pointed to the problem and they...
  10. PowerBoost AC only works when engine is on

    I wouldn't think the '23 would be different than my '22 but my AC works whether the engine is running or not. I don't have much faith in what the technicians and service managers actually know about the products they're supposed to service. Wish I had suggestions for you but that doesn't sound...
  11. General questions on extended warranty

    Like with insurance, the coverage is more of a peace of mind than anything. You may never need it, or you may need it multiple times a year. Just look on here with people having "perfect" working trucks and others having many issues on here. As mentioned above, if you have a high optioned truck...
  12. F150 Learning Curve?

    As most people have pointed out, the turning radius is awful so you'll have to get used to that. I typically park at the back of lots anyway to prevent door dings but backing in tighter spaces helps. Beyond that you'll just have to get used to driving a larger vehicle. It's not a huge learning...
  13. How to preserve finish

    I think PPF the front end is probably the best thing you can do to protect the truck, especially if you drive on the highway frequently. I PPF'd the entire truck but that was super expensive and I probably wouldn't do it again. I'm currently looking around to get my wife's new SUV PPF in the...
  14. I don't know how you guys do it.

    White isn't much better. My truck front end is constantly speckled with tiny black dots due to bugs. I'd probably rather have black and see dirt.
  15. Truck jumps like I got hit after coming to complete stop.

    They asked to keep it for several more days because they need it to happen with their equipment installed. They see the multiple codes the pump did not start when commanded and they feel it happen when at a stop. Apparently that isn't enough. The truck didn't move at all today. I'm going to pick...
  16. Anyone ever wired money for purchase?

    I just wired money this week to buy the wife a new car. It's not a big deal, just make sure you double and triple check the numbers during the process. Like mentioned earlier, it only works during business days so I would send it beforehand if you plan on picking up the truck on a weekend. It's...
  17. What "features" do you turn off?

    These two. #4 for the same reason. The truck would welcome me every time I left the house to do yard work or whatever outside. I wish you could set a location to enable/disable certain features like this. I wish I could disable ambient lighting but after one of the OTA updates the shit just...
  18. Truck jumps like I got hit after coming to complete stop.

    Yeah I told them I saw the aux pump issue online when I dropped it off the first time. Clearly they don't care. Also found it strange they are making me reschedule with the same service manager because I requested a loaner. Of course he wasn't in when I called. Not sure why I need to talk to a...
  19. Truck jumps like I got hit after coming to complete stop.

    It's been a busy week and I haven't been able to take the truck back in but it just threw a check engine light due to the transmission aux pump not turning on when commanded. I guess the dealership should have looked more into the code instead of just resetting it.