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  1. Is This Legit? Coffee maker for the 400W Plug

    Amazon reminds me of fords build and price site a lot of times.....
  2. Speed Governor Delete?

    The limiter is there for the rating on the tires. Run the tires at their limit and they break down quicker or give out. Busted belts etc.. Makes for bad ride quality and handling when you are doing mundane driving. Your experience may vary though. I won't be one to criticize for...
  3. OT: Anyone still put it in Park ?

    I usually don't do it on purpose but it is nice to have because I also use the brake hold function and if I'm somewhere "off-road" like the edge of a field and am stopped talking to someone I'll forget I'm in drive and find myself getting out for whatever reason then it puts itself in park. On...
  4. What tools do you keep in your truck?

    20 inch chainsaw, 16 inch chainsaw, pre-mix, bar oil, 10 foot of chain, big prybar, bfh, paper towel. (never know when you might find that piece of special wood to make a bowl from) Nothing to fix the truck other than a cell phone to call someone to come get it. It's not supposed to break...
  5. Did any of you consider a GMC/Chevy with the 3.0 Duramax?

    18-19 mpg almost 100% sport mode.
  6. Very basic locking differential question

    On my "22" 3.73 locking differential you push a button to engage the locking part. 3.55/3.31 would be the same. Above a certain speed 20 or 30 miles an hour even with it turned on it automatically unlocks. I find it handiest when in town driving to take off from stoplights in slick...
  7. Regular Cab? Seriously?

    can you get a red one in 24?
  8. Regular Cab? Seriously?

    Gee, I read the threads and it's like it's 2021 all over again...... Except I didn't have the option of getting a 2 wheel drive if I wanted the 3.73 gears. I would have liked the 12 inch screen though. (and the temp in the dials...still po'd about that)
  9. Engine bay and hood underside are white on a silver painted truck?

    maybe depends on if Dearborn or Kansas city? Or hood replaced in factory. it happens.
  10. Would you buy a truck that was a lemon and resold by Ford?

    I'd have to know what the lemon part of it was. A lot of people's ideas of what is wrong with something differ from my opinion. Lots of ummm lets just say non standard intelligent people out there (entitled idiots) who operate under the squeaky wheel gets the grease practice and have an...
  11. Belize..

    How big are the mosquitoes and snakes??
  12. Any other Regular Cab trucks out there?

    sighhhhhhh I feel like my boxer dog... over two years on this forum and I've never got a good boyyy.... (and I try to be a member of the HOA) ((community))
  13. Dealer put 40 miles on truck, is that normal?

    Let's see... Lunch with the secretary. check Nooner with secretary next town over so wife's friends don't happen to see you. check Drive back to town. check Tell tech to take it for a drive to check it out. check Tech takes buddies out to show them the burnouts a new Ford can do. check...
  14. Lane Keep Assist (or Lane Centering) now auto-enables with Cruise Control

    Maybe I'm hallucinating but I'm of the thinking that mine has always come on when I turn on the cruise. At first I thought the feature was junk because it ping ponged from side to side (lane keeping) then I figured out that lane centering was different and enabled it on the touchscreen...
  15. Reverse braking not available

    I get that reverse fault all the time when backing out of the garage. My theory is it doesn't like something that is sitting too close to the truck. Still seems to pick up cars coming from the side when I'm almost backed out in the street.
  16. Regular cab vs crew cab, ride quality

    I don't know what size the 24's tires are in regular cab but the 22 it's 17 inch. People used to say you would get a better ride with more sidewall but it's definitely not a car like ride. But I didn't buy it for the ride quality. Bought it because it was a little cheaper and I like the looks...
  17. Regular cab vs crew cab, ride quality

    Are you talking about the crew cab with the little doors or the super crew with the 4 big doors? Anyway in comparison my last was a 15" supercab and the one now is a regular cab short box and it definitely isn't a Cadillac when it comes to ride quality. That being said I live in an area of...

    They never seemed to worry about that the few times I was a customer in those Ubers..........
  19. So, I'm bored and want to spend some money..

    Bill the boxer dog! (parker was two before him)
  20. So, I'm bored and want to spend some money..

    (my truck was under $50,000)