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  1. Goodbye Hankook - hello Continential TerrainContact™ A/T Tires

    Following here as well. I'm on my 2nd set of Hankooks (72K miles on the truck) and the more aggressive tread interests me, but I love how quiet the Hankooks are.
  2. Compatabilty with PowerBoost and portable battery jump starters?

    Does anyone know if the PowerBoost is compatible with portable jump starters? I've got a '21 PowerBoost Platinum and I'm thinking of getting a NOCO Boost Plus GB40 (1000A). Thanks, folks.
  3. Dealerships or is it just mine...

    I've got a '21 PowerBoost and the extended warranty / ESP. I'm presently at about 69K miles, and the exact same thing happened to me. I'm extremely happy with my hometown dealer, and I figure $159 for a diagnostic fee for a problem they couldn't replicate isn't so bad in the big picture.
  4. Towing an Airstream with Gen14, and ProPower 7.2

    I've got a '21 PB with the 7.2 Pro Power and a '22 Airstream Basecamp 20X ... and have never had a problem. Mind you, the Basecamp doesn't have an inverter, so not sure if that's it.
  5. Touch Up Paint

    I've just waited for more than 3 weeks for my order from Automotivetouchup.com and nothing but excuses, so I've cancelled my order.
  6. BlueCruise rated #1 in Consumer Reports 2023 Driver Assistance Rankings

    My '21 PB qualified for the free 1 year upgrade from adaptive cruise control and lane centering to BC, and, for the most part, I don't care for it at all. Most of my highway driving is spent towing an Airstream, so hands-free BC doesn't kick in, but the new driver attention monitoring sure does...
  7. First tow of travel trailer with 2021 F-150 PowerBoost + ProPower Onboard Generator Test

    Way to go! I’ve been using my PB with ProPower Onboard just this way for a little more than a year now; my TT is an Airstream Basecamp 20X. No problems at all. Safe travels!
  8. Interactive BlueCruise Map is Live

    Full screen CarPlay? I've been trying to get my '21 to do that, and no luck yet.
  9. Fall 2022 Truck Pics - Post Em!

    Nothing quite like autumn in New England.
  10. Adaptive Cruise Control - Brake Lights?

    Almost 36K trouble free miles on my Platinum PB, and I have a question that I've not been able to find an answer to. I have a regular weekly drive of about 50 miles, and I often will engage the adaptive cruise. There are a couple of places where the speed limit will drop from 50mph to 40, and...
  11. Long Weekend Camping on Cottonwood Pass CO with F-150 Powerboost

    The bike racks are made by Yakima and I bought them at REI. The rack is an Adarac and I bought that from tonneaucoversworld.com, which is where I bought my BAK Revolver roll-up cover. The rack allows the cover to be rolled and unrolled without interference. Really well made. Once they sent me...
  12. Long Weekend Camping on Cottonwood Pass CO with F-150 Powerboost

    Just got back from a couple of weeks in Maine; the PowerBoost and our Airstream Basecamp 20X performed flawlessly. Cool temps meant limited A/C use in the camper except to remove humidity - and the largely silent PB was quieter than the A/C in the Airstream.
  13. How long have you had your truck and how many miles so far?

    Bought mine in March 2021 and have 33K miles, all trouble free; 12K miles pulling our Airstream Basecamp. Best vehicle I've ever owned.
  14. If you had to order again would you still get the PowerBoost motor?

    I'd order it again 100%, no question. The 7.2kW ProPower Onboard option has helped while pulling my Airstream countless times; I just got home from a 4-1/2 month, 12K road trip. Cracks me up how easy and helpful it is.
  15. Stake Pockets? Help Needed.

    You bet. Here’s front and rear, all installed and working properly.
  16. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    Got the Adarac installed and bought a pair of Yakima bike racks from REI. Everything is, at last, fine.
  17. Stake Pockets? Help Needed.

    Installation went pretty well. Opening up the stake pockets in the front corners was easy enough, but messy. The Adarac bed rail rack is well engineered and unobtrusive without the vertical load towers. I can manage rolling and unrolling my BAK revolver tonneau cover (not the Tri-fold) just...
  18. Stake Pockets? Help Needed.

    I’ve ordered the Adarac M-series rack for my ‘21 PB with 5’7” bed and it works with my existing Bak tonneau cover. The rear stake pockets are covered with a super easy to remove plastic panel, but the front stake pockets…not so much. Does anyone know exactly where I’ll need to cut holes in the...
  19. Rack recommendation for use with BAK MX4?

    Thanks, everyone; I'm planning on using the Adarac to carry my bikes while I pull my Airstream Basecamp. The bed of the truck is full of stuff, so that won't work, and I'm hoping the 12" Adarac will end up being easier to transport the 2 bikes rather than loading the bikes into and out of the...