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  1. Got my TPMS trailer setup and working for me

    Today after 1-2 years of reading and software updates from ford using FDRS it works!!! Have this installed on my car hauler that I use for my Polaris Utv.
  2. any idea what this plug is for?

    the plug is what I'm trying to find out what it is, and does it connect to the other plug with the 4 circles on the back of it in the other picture?
  3. What is this plug used for

    The plug is connected to the generator wiring harness but what do you plug into it ??? Is there some accessory that plugs into it????
  4. what is your preferred gear oil ?

    For me right now I have some royal purple and amsoil both 75-90 weight, not sure which one to use!
  5. What is this plug for?

    IN the picture I have an orange plug dangling and everything seems to be plugged in, except this plug.

    Since I got the tremor, towing with the small mirrors is doable but still not to my likening so I decided to get some tow mirrors, the package I got from ford also had the door handle pad with the extension button. 2 screw 2 bolts and insert plug good to go,but I still needed to go into FDRS and...

    Well, the other day I decided to get me some tow mirrors, install was easy 2 screw 2 nuts and a plug , the kit I got also had the door panel with mirror extension button. The only hard part of it was going into the FDRS software and setting it up in that software but that wasn't too bad, logging...
  8. Alexa reboots

    I setup Alexa and it only lasted about a day then noticed that Alexa keeps rebooting back into setup mode. Anyone else running into this issue with Alexa. When it first was setup, I could ask Alexa to start truck and lock the truck from inside the house. Now seems that the truck ecu keeps...
  9. So what tires did you put on your lifted tremor

    So far, I just got the 2 in comp lift installed not too long ago and love the stance now! But still have the factory tire on from general. For those that have put new tires on their lifted tremor, what brand, model and size worked for you.
  10. Steering wheel cant to right

    Just got 1000 miles and during this time I have noticed that going in straight line my wheel is canted to the right about 2 degrees, so I took to dealer for front wheel alignment, they said its straight and that the steering wheel is not canted, so i drive off the lot and it's still canted to...

    Thank you for the interest and inquiry. Nothing specifically for the F150 Tremor. Product for the lower ride height models (not a Tremor), will available this year. Thank you, Jeff Blakely Sales Representative Offroad Division Truck | SUV | Offroad Race | Defense [email protected]...
  12. Ford performance tremor leveling/shocks response

    Good Morning, We do not have any information on a potential Tremor compatible or Tremor specific kit at this time. I would however periodically check our website www.performanceparts.ford.com for new items being added all of the time. Thank you, Anthony Fodera Ford Performance...