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  1. Poor hood fitment. What route to fix?

    Had my truck for several months but I just noticed that the hood on the drivers side does not fit as tightly as it does on the passenger side. In your guys’ opinion is this fixable? If so, what route would you go through to get it done. Thanks!
  2. California Sold: BAP wheels + tires

    For sale are a set of Black Appearance Package wheels and tires from my 2023 F150. Factory tires - Hankook Dynapro 275/60/20. 2,500 miles on the set. No nails/screws in the tires. Includes TPMS and chrome lugs. Small scuff on one of the wheels, but otherwise perfect condition. Note the photos...
  3. California BAP Adaptive Projector headlights (OEM)

    Hey everyone, I’ve got a set of the BAP Adaptive (bending) Projector headlights for sale. They are factory headlights that came off my 2023 Lariat BAP. The reason for sale is that I unfortunately had to make an insurance claim for some front end damage, and the headlights sustained some...
  4. BAP Avalanche Gray 2023 F-150 Supercrew Lariat

    I picked up my 2023 F150 Lariat 502A from Granger last week. I made the trek back home to California over the past 4 days and totaled 2k miles! The truck was a joy to drive and held up very well to some not so joyful weather conditions. Made a road trip out of it and visited Badlands National...