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  1. North Carolina ** SOLD *** FS - 2023 F150 RCSB - Race Red

    Truck has been sold. Thanks for all the comments above.
  2. North Carolina ** SOLD *** FS - 2023 F150 RCSB - Race Red

    Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I need to sell my truck. It's a sad decision, but one that is necessary for my family. Info: 2023 F150 XL RCSB Race Red 4x4, 3.73 E-locker 5700 Miles ~ Truck is daily driven so this number will change. Dealer Installed Upgrades: PTM Front / Rear Bumpers...
  3. Adding BLIS to STX?

    Found a video on youtube that shows where the bed light plug should be.
  4. Adding BLIS to STX?

    Is this the correct harness? https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-wire-assembly-jl3z13a409g?c=az0x
  5. Lets See Those Freshly Washed F150's

    Freshly washed and waxed
  6. 2021 RCSB build

    Thank you sir. I have the IHC ride quality kit installed like you. Were the brackets needed due to the length of the shock or the helper bag?
  7. 2021 RCSB build

    @Scrambler68 Would you be able to get me the part number for the Fox shocks you installed? I've found a few part numbers online. I just want to be sure I get the correct ones for my RCSB.
  8. My 2023 STX Build

    Thanks for the quick reply. Then it's certainly a me issue LOL I'll have to take a second look at the install.
  9. My 2023 STX Build

    Did you happen to have any type of misalignment with the replacement panel? I just installed the keypad on my XL and the top of the exterior panel doesn't sit flat at the top of the door.
  10. My 2023 STX Build

    I see you reside in NC. I'm on the coast. New Bern specifically.
  11. My 2023 STX Build

    Very nice build. I'm going to look into the keypad upgrade. MY 23' XL came with the keycode card attached to the oem paperwork for the truck.
  12. BoostedGreyGoose on this forum?

    I actually haven’t even ordered anything yet. I reached out to see what he has in stock and when a few items would be back in stock.
  13. BoostedGreyGoose on this forum?

    Hey everyone, Has anyone successfully been in contact with BoostedGreyGoose on any of the social platforms his business is a part of? I've tried reaching out to him a few different times and have never received a response.
  14. 2021 RCSB build

    Very nice. I think my next mods will be upgrading the headlights and taillights. Who did you purchase the necessary harnesses from?
  15. Diode Dynamics Elite Max Headlights installed! (with photos)

    Any particular reason why you switched from the Alpharex to the Morimotos?
  16. Simple FORScan Connectivity Question

    I would recommend using a WIndows based laptop to connect to the bluetooth dongle. I'm currently using OBD Link MX which is an older model but works perfectly. I'm not familiar with the android app but I would imagine making changes on a smaller screen would be a little hard on the eyes. Use...