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  1. Upfitter Switch installation

    Great thanks was looking at the video and saw them putting that inn place video
  2. Upfitter Switch installation

    Are you able to put the door back after putting that part in the fuse box
  3. Upfitter Switch installation

    Thanks but I was asking about the inside passenger . It look like a big part and the lid would not cover it
  4. Upfitter Switch installation

    Is the fusebox covered ?
  5. Upfitter Switch installation

    Two question for you guys that have put the boosted harness in . One could you have run in this WAY (fast forward to 7:42 ) using the grommet . Would that have been less time consuming . Two are you able to cover the fuse box on the inside with the connector . If you are not how are you...
  6. Aux Lighting Options

    have a look. lights
  7. NHTSA Safety Recall (23V-896) on 113,000 F-150 Trucks with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package

    Sorry have not been on the site in months and as far as getting suck some where . Here is my story went to get new tires and when they took it off bolt felt out. Well they shit themselves and didn't want to put the wheel on. They were worried about liability on their end my truck had 60k...
  8. T6 5-40. MPG

    So I went from ford 5-30 to rotella 5-40 and lost 3-5 mpg . I have about 4000 miles on the T6 same driving conditions . So the argument I have heard is that is better for the engine but at the cost of mpg . After doing some math its more expensive to use the 5-40 even at 50% cost of the...
  9. Coilover Leveling Kit for 3.0L PS?

    How is the ride will be doing that set later this year
  10. Diode Dynamics Fog Pocket installed

    Can you post a pic of just the amber light and low beam only thanks
  11. 3.0 diesel and the PowerBoost

    So I have been away for abit some food for thought . This is non scientific So I took off the Tonneau cover for a 2 week time frame worst mpg was 20 best 23.5 . 16k 6 months later All hand calculated Big head winds with temps 30-50* F. 2 weeks later cover back on and same route speed etc...
  12. Dash cam options?

    Nope you will have to splice or call the manufacturer of maker of said cam. You might be able to get https://www.monoprice.com to have a cable or adapter to connect .
  13. 1400 Mile Roadtrip in 3.0 Powerstroke Diesel: SAC to SEA and back!

    Taking this not as trolling So let me get this right so lets look at this each tires weight about 57 lbs x 4 = 228 + say 35 lbs for the rim = 140 total 368 lbs of extra weight . Now concluding that you have the same truck configuration. I will each give you 200 for weight and give you each...
  14. 3.0 Reliability in Question

    So they put in the ranger and pushing the other engines. If you drive an hour or more continuously daily it has the best mpg and reliable well not a lot of complaints here . July 16 Ford stated that no more orders for power stroke so that dealer is full of crap
  15. So Ranger gets a diesel

    Another reason to take it away from the F150 .
  16. Chapman Ford of Horsham mmmmm

    Very professional from the moment I emailed about price back in July I received response with in minutes . It continued that way from the beginning till the end .So lets start by saying this was the most hassle free truck purchase ever. I was called and emailed told the truck was in. When would...
  17. Upfitter Switches - they are on the tremor, I want to add them!

    I want also wan the stock look and waiting on this so I can install lights and a couple of others goodies .Here is what I got so far in term of resources and info some threads from different forums Just scroll down to till you see what you like. I may do stock switches and aftermarket fuse...