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  1. Got some new RTR Evo 6 Wheels 20x9 +18mm - cool and functional

    Good choice on the rims. I see lots of F-150s on Fuel rims, haven't seen one (other than mine) on the Evo 6. I've been quite happy with them and the +30 offset keeps them tucked pretty tight under the wheel wells
  2. Will JL Audio ACP110LG-TW1 Fit behind the Back Seat?

    I don't know the dimensions of either of those boxes, but there is a reason there aren't many "custom fit" enclosures for the Gen14 trucks. Buy the box you want, and then install the LEM Welding straight-ahead kit to move the back seat 2" forward.
  3. 5L vs 3.5L?

    I had a 21 Screw with 2.7. It was a damn fine motor. I now have a 23 Screw with a 5.0. Its a damn finer motor. I was in a loaner 23 Screw with 3.5 for near a month. Also a damn fine motor. But that 5.0....just something about it that scratches my itch
  4. 2021 Platinum CarPlay causing glitching

    Agreed. For the money these trucks cost you'd think we wouldn't have to deal with these annoyances
  5. 2021 Platinum CarPlay causing glitching

    I have occasional issues with my Sync4 where it either doesn't come on (screen is backlit but nothing displays), or where the reverse camera will lock-up the screen even after being put into drive. Usually both of these issues are remedied by turning off the truck and removing key, opening...
  6. BARBQUE rides again (my Avalanche '23 Screw build)

  7. AVALANCHE F-150 (2021+) Club

    I'll play. Joined the club on 9/6, mods still in progress.
  8. BARBQUE rides again (my Avalanche '23 Screw build)

    They do indeed, along with fantastic public hunting opportunities (and cheap private opps too). All of that was great news for this former 11bang-bang
  9. BARBQUE rides again (my Avalanche '23 Screw build)

    I hung up my professional bbq tongs last week and have moved to New Mexico. No more 75-80 hour work weeks in a restaurant for this guy.
  10. BARBQUE rides again (my Avalanche '23 Screw build)

    I didn't weigh them, but they are significantly lighter than the stock 20" STX wheels. By a lot.
  11. BARBQUE rides again (my Avalanche '23 Screw build)

    Here you go. Its a tight fit that required trimming the wall liner. My audio guy changed out the woofer to a dual-coil so he could wire it at 2ohms and take advantage of the amp's output. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DP275DD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. BARBQUE rides again (my Avalanche '23 Screw build)

    Small world. I ran that spot for the past four years.
  13. BARBQUE rides again (my Avalanche '23 Screw build)

    *BARBQUE is the vanity plate on my truck. Yes, I love bbq. Some of you may recall my unfortunate freeway incident back in July that totaled my much-loved '21 SCrew I had worked so hard to mod. I was going to take possession of the '23 Bronco we had on order, but Ford instituted a price increase...
  14. 22 F-150 Baja Designs Fog light swap out review / read before buying

    I had these on my 21 SCrew (RIP) and can confirm they are bright as shit. Definitely helped when driving the mountain roads of Big Bend or the back country roads deep in South Texas. I'll eventually add them to my 23.
  15. Rented a 5.0, some interesting notables

    My '21 Screw was a 2.7 with minor bolt-on mods. Loved that truck (RIP), and it towed my trailered pits just fine. But my new '23 Screw has the 5.0, and man, there is a substantial difference in giddy-up with and without the trailer.
  16. Why SL rated factory tires on PowerBoost if it can tow up to 12,500 lbs?

    I just installed 275/60/20 Goodyear Wrangler Trail Runners. Why? Because they only weigh 42 lbs and while technically rated as an SL, they have a max psi of 51 which really makes them an XL. And for the type towing a 1/2 ton truck should be limited to, that is perfectly acceptable. Oh...they...
  17. Alpharex and Morimoto headlights / taillights installed pics on 2022 XL RCSB 5.0

    I had the AlphaRexx headlights on my 21 SCrew and loved them. I'll probably put them on my new 23 SCrew as well (along with the Diode Dynamics fog lights). Solid tip on the sale of the OEM fixtures. Thanks.
  18. My baby got beat the f*#% up

    Finally sound some lube. Insurer is paying me out as a total loss for a number I am content with. They factored in the book value of the vehicle plus some percentage of my upgrades, and I'm good with it. Now my voyage continues in a yet-to-be-received 2023 Bronco. Its currently in production...
  19. My baby got beat the f*#% up

    Annnnnd the saga continues. Shop started the repairs. Part of the damage was the front frame section that supports the bumpers and shit. So they put the truck on the frame machine and....discovered more frame damage. Huh, who woulda thought that a truck that impacted a concrete retaining wall at...