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  1. 2022 keyless entry pad flashing randomly

    Mine started doing it this weekend after sitting out in the rain. Anyone get any resolution?
  2. TREMOR Payload

    Sounds like our builds are very similar. Looks like I’m getting a 70lb payload hit for the power tailgate. I wasn’t happy that they bundled the bed utility package this year.
  3. 2023 F-150 New Colors Revealed: Area 51, Avalanche Gray, Azure Gray, Code Orange

    There are some bronco pictures available. It’s a good looking red. https://thebronconation.com/first-look-on-a-bronco-hot-pepper-red/
  4. Best Tremor colors?

    I went with agate black because they discontinued leadfoot for 2022. I’m still concerned about scratches long term but the black looks very sharp with the Tremor accents and truck stance. If I were to order a 2023 I would go with avalanche or carbonized gray.
  5. Question about FX4 Package... higher suspension height?

    Here is the official spec sheet from ford. It shows 3 different can heights. 4x2, 4x4 and Tremor. https://media.ford.com/content/dam/fordmedia/North%20America/US/product/2021/f150/pdfs/2021-F-150-Technical-Specs.pdf
  6. Twister's 502A Carbonized Black Appearance Package

    Great looking truck. I love those ford performance wheels. Perfect addition to the BAP.
  7. TREMOR Payload

    Mine is 1593 with no sunroof or 2kw power inverter. I do have the power tailgate.
  8. "Old to New"- What did you drive before purchasing

    Went from my 2013 Lariat to a 2022 Tremor yesterday.
  9. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    I love it. It is amazing how much more refined it is when compared to my 2013 Lariat. Had to take a picture with them together before I left.
  10. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    Was able to pick mine up yesterday.
  11. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    It was the standard priority code 19.
  12. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    Got the call from my dealer late this afternoon that my truck should be ready to pick up tomorrow. Thursday will be one month from my blend date. At least Ford did hit the delivery window they gave me in the shipping email.
  13. 2022 F150s Ordered in 2021

    Ordered 12/17. Received my shipped email last Friday with an ETA to DFW of 4/20-4/26
  14. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    I finally received my shipped email this morning. ETA of 4/26
  15. I am puzzled about people buying a vehicle from Ford Motor Company

    I’ve owned several Fords and never had any issues. In fact every GM vehicle I’ve owned has had issues. In most cases you only hear the negative reviews. Especially in forums. It’s not good that your new powerboost had issues but I would not judge all Fords by the reliability of your car from...
  16. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    After getting that email last night I woke up this morning and there was another email from Ford saying my truck is built. ETA to my dealer in DFW is 4/20-4/26.
  17. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    I just got the same email. Chips must not have come in on time. I knew I was going to have a wait but this is getting ridiculous.