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  1. Newly Designed FordPass 5.0 App®: What to Know

    Honestly, this is now the most useless app I have. Way to go Ford. They have taken away pretty much everything that made the app useful. Why even have the app installed now? Except for the occasional remote start I really see no use for it. Only Ford can be so excited about an app that does...
  2. Purolator ONE air filter

    That’s a big difference. I always thought the OEM was thicker. Going to have to check it out.
  3. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Mind checking my update status again? I did about 11 hours of updates last weekend and should be fully up to date then Sunday morning while washing my truck tore my calf muscle. I meant to check before my license ran out on Sunday but was a little distracted from the pain. Sucks getting old...
  4. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Been updating everything yesterday and today. Just installed the APIM update and then the TCU update showed up. Sync is 23291_Product Revision:1049
  5. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I have the same problem. Just updated all modules in FDRS but APIM has no update. My Sync version is 23159_Product revision 915. Can you help me also?
  6. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    I am thinking I might get a mongoose. Haven’t got any updates in almost a year and it is killing me. Was wondering how many updates I have pending and how long they will take. 1FTFW1ED5MFB77673
  7. Goodbye Hankook - hello Continential TerrainContact™ A/T Tires

    Yes, Terrian Contact A/T. Original size.
  8. Goodbye Hankook - hello Continential TerrainContact™ A/T Tires

    These handle great in the rain. Not much more noise if any at all also. I have found no drawbacks with them. I am 100% happy with them and when the time comes, I will be getting them again.
  9. Goodbye Hankook - hello Continential TerrainContact™ A/T Tires

    I have had the Continentals for about 9,000 miles now. I have no complaints.
  10. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    I have been in the EA program since late 2021 but haven’t received an update since last April. I must have pissed someone off. Up until then I got updates fast though.
  11. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Can someone check my VIN? I used to get updates before most but have not received anything since August and it was just the owner manual update. I was having battery problems and just replaced it so hoping that is why I haven't received anything. 1FTFW1ED5MFB77673
  12. PowerBoost 1.5 - We Need More Than Idiot Lights

    My 14V SOC will not go higher than 86 even after an hour drive. Should I be worried?
  13. Pro Power Onboard with Transfer Switch to Power House

    Does it only trip when transferring? Have you simulated a power failure by turning power off to the main panel then switching the transfer switch and then start the PB generator. Mine will trip when switching back from generator to line power if both are on.
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Can someone check my VIN? It has been a while since I got an update and mine was usually pretty good at getting them. 1FTFW1ED5MFB77673
  15. Power-Up 4.2.2 Software with CarPlay Update!

    Just received 4.2.2 on my 2021 Job 1 Powerboost. Got 4.2.1 on Monday