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  1. Onboard scales not working after 2-inch level

    @780 What does it say when empty?
  2. What is this?? Spots on cab corners

    @fordtruckman2003 looks exactly like artillery or “shotgun” fungus to me too. I would try clay bar and bug/tar remover.
  3. Mysterious windshield feature

    From what i have seen they are still working on it.
  4. Mysterious windshield feature

    Who knows. Could have been on hold for a windshield and they just tossed that one in.
  5. Mysterious windshield feature

    Think that pretty much solves it. thanks @Livnitup
  6. Mysterious windshield feature

    Looks like whatever module this is would fit there. 19J329
  7. Mysterious windshield feature

    That copper clip appears to be a U clip. Looks like something clips into it and get a single screw where the U clip is. Also thought about a in cabin camera but i feel like the view would be blocked by the mirror.
  8. Mysterious windshield feature

    Thats the onlypicture they could post?
  9. Mysterious windshield feature

    Pretty sure that is where my rain sensor is. Pretty hard to tell with that photo.
  10. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    The 8" cluster has less asbuilt data blocks. So when you load a 8" abt to a 12" cluster there are blocks that do not get changed as the data you have doesnt fill all the blocks. Thats why you get that message.
  11. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    @Stefanolimotta Wasnt sure if you added them. What value do you have at 720-07-01 xxx?-xxxx-xx-- I would also recommend seeing what the actual DTC fault is.
  12. 12v out for 3rd brake light on camper shell?

    Thanks @powerboatr That shows that the Brake on/off circuit is enabled on yours. Which makes sense. Maybe @Hickory will show his to be disabled. May be a few easy forscan changes to get it working. Unless his shows enabled. :curse:
  13. 12v out for 3rd brake light on camper shell?

    @Hickory When you get a chance can you see what value you have at the BCMC 6F0-01-03 @powerboatr If you happen to be around or have the info, can you let me know what you have there too? Should just be 4 bits. Thanks! I see some trucks with that value enabled and some not. That could be the issue.
  14. 12v out for 3rd brake light on camper shell?

    @Hickory Have you tried it with the truck running yet? Also, Do you have a trailer brake controller?
  15. 12v out for 3rd brake light on camper shell?

    Thanks @powerboatr that the GY-OG Brake on/off circuit thats from the BCM. Interestingly enough they moved it for the 2024. I went to look at mine and its in the same location but different wire and it apparently comes from the BCMC. Thats why i was asking. Wasn't sure if the change was 2024...
  16. 12v out for 3rd brake light on camper shell?

    @Hickory What color is the wire that you have at the air box? @powerboatr Don't you have a topper? Did you wire your 3rd brake light?