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  1. Cold start - force engine start

    Is there any difference between engine starting when you press the start button versus engine starting when you are rolling slowly (under 2-3 mph) on EV power? Not sure I follow what a "cold" engine start means and why one would be worse than the other.
  2. Fumoto Valve on PB?

    Yes, put it on right at the first oil change at 2k miles and never looked back. Here: Amazon.com: F137N with LC-10 F-Series Large Body Fumoto Valve with Long Nipple and LC-10 Lever Clip for M12-1.75 : Automotive
  3. Adaptive transmission reset?

    Very simple to do with forscan. I do it often.
  4. 2021 PowerBoost and Towing... Terrible MPG while towing

    OK couple of observations and one question after a year and roughly 8-10k miles towing a ~5000 lb 7x14 dual axle motorcycle cargo trailer. 1. Falcon tow/haul shocks with adjustable damping in the rear make a HUGE difference to tow comfort. I set the damping to one click firmer in the rear when...
  5. 2021 F150 3.5 powerboost fuel rod

    Thank you to @leenmn for this fuel rod / plunger. He was kind enough to even show me how to pop the fuel door trim piece to then install the replacement plunger. It is very well designed and much more solid than the factory item. Installed it, cleared my DTC and all is back to normal!
  6. 2021 F150 3.5 powerboost fuel rod

    Please check your private message, I just messaged it to you
  7. 2021 F150 3.5 powerboost fuel rod

    I don't have the plunger, it fell off somewhere before I even noticed the issue. Are you able to sell me one of your plunger kits?
  8. 2021 F150 3.5 powerboost fuel rod

    Anyone got a home made solution for the missing plunger??
  9. 2021 F150 3.5 powerboost fuel rod

    Hello, I have the dreaded fuel rod issue - mine broke and fell off. Has anyone heard from the OP recently - has be listed these creations of his for sale??
  10. Aries Power running boards for the Powerboost???

    ehhh they protrude so far out even when the boards are retracted and look awkward. The beauty of power boards is they tuck completely away out of sight by the frame rails - looks elegant and adds significant ground clearance when you are offroad. These aries boards do neither.
  11. Another Powerboost horrible mileage thread 12mpg

    In my experience at sea level in Texas area, PB definitely gets noticeably better mpg on premium gas. Like 2 mpg better.
  12. Another Powerboost horrible mileage thread 12mpg

    Folks getting bad mpg, try resetting tranny adaptive values and starting over. Very easy to do with forscan, only a couple of clicks.
  13. Amp research power steps on a PowerBoost?

    24K miles in, and no issues thus far.
  14. Livernois Tune is live!

    Not true. The 3.5 EB in the raptors have a more aggressive tune than the PB from factory, and tuners have been getting way more than 100 hp out of it since 2017. I am not going anywhere with this, other than offering some clarity that livernois is just bssing. Not seeing any specifics of how...
  15. Livernois Tune is live!

    Have you read that page you are linking us to? It's generic off the shelf tune garbage marketing. Tell me exactly how it relates to a hybrid setup and not a generic tune. There are a dozen people tuning 3.5EBs to get way more than 100 hp and 90 ft-lbs for over a decade. I ran an MPT tune on my...
  16. Livernois Tune is live!

    3.5 ecoboost tunes have been around for a decade. Unless Livernois has specifically cracked how to tune the hybrid/EV setup, this is not newsworthy.
  17. Powerboost TSB Harsh 1-3 upshift

    @tokyo joe, what oil are you running? Ford recommends 5-30 and heavier/thicker oil can cause slight drop in mpg. It wont be major but it can likely be a factor.,
  18. Powerboost TSB Harsh 1-3 upshift

    Sharing my experience. 18k on my PB, I usually get excellent MPG - 22-24 around town and 22+ on highway. I recently did an 800-mile towing trip towing 5k. HEAVY headwinds on way back, was doing 8 mpg keeping up 72 mph. Trip ended and for about 200 miles afterward my MPG still sucked even on an...
  19. Powerboost TSB Harsh 1-3 upshift

    Dude. You are getting the same mileage as a 2.7L motor in a 3.5L motor that puts out 570 ft-lbs and 430 hp and has a generator built-in? Even if that were true, I say that's still a worthy upgrade. Have some patience. Winter MPGs are always bad. It will get better in summer.