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  1. Brakes locked up with warning messages while driving

    Could be part of the brake recall! Wiring issues from the wires chaffing in the rear axle housing!
  2. Pennsylvania RC 23 F-150 Running Boards 200$

    The powder coat on the steps was chipping I painted over it with Rustoleum truck bed coating. They are less than a year old 200$ obo
  3. Pennsylvania Rough Country SRX2 Adjustable Running boards

    Bought new in May 2023 got a different set! Sell new for 379 plus tax! Asking 300$ Located in New Castle, PA
  4. DRL on Halogen Headlights

    Yea it is but i figured i could hotwire the darn thing but no info for it and i dont feel like ruining my headlights!
  5. DRL on Halogen Headlights

    Tried to find some sort of get around to make mine amber but apparently there is no way😵
  6. DRL on Halogen Headlights

    I wish I had the money for the morimotos! Forscan was what I was thinking but I’m pretty sure I read you can’t change it unless you had DRL from factory because forscan won’t have the option. Also jealous of the amber DRL! Got the halogens because I figured I could just add led bulbs and save...
  7. DRL on Halogen Headlights

    Hey, I’ve recently put Alpharex Pro Series Halogen headlights in my 23 F150. I want to adjust DRL brightness but I think I read somewhere that if you didn’t have factory DRL you can’t change the brightness. Any help would be great!
  8. Extremely loud electrical POP followed by loud static

    I had this happen to my truck 23 XL but i was on the phone and shut the truck off and the speakers popped and screen went dark with no static after
  9. Oil type for 5.0L V8!

    Changed my oil a little before 2500 miles and i am getting ready to do another on(truck says in about 600 miles)! What is everyone running for oil? The first change I just went with the motor craft partial synthetic but would it be better to run full synthetic?
  10. 2023 Halogen to Led Headlights

    No hate here i just really love the look of the DRL so i’m eventually gonna get a set of the alpha rex aftermarket lights i think they look awesome!
  11. Global Windows for '23?

    Did you have to do anything special or all just forscan?
  12. Global Windows for '23?

    Does this work with XL trucks that have the actual key?
  13. Halogen to Reflector Headlights

    Did you happen to get your Morimotos yet?
  14. 2023 Halogen to Led Headlights

    Is it worth trying to change from factory halogen to factory led headlights? I’ve been seeing some stuff about needing to buy a harness? What all is needed to convert?
  15. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    When I had first decided to order a new ford i was going to go with a bronco but then when orders got shut down went for my f150…people had figured out how to add all of the drive modes to a base model bronco but had that been done with the f150?
  16. BoxLink Tie Down...Any Difference?

    Hoping to get some help here! I just bought the plates and the cleats from ford but the holes in my bed are not threaded? Is this normal?
  17. Adaptive Head Lights - Coming to the US???

    Die hard ford guy right here and I agree…I bought an XL truck and it’s little things like this that I just sit and ask why? Like wouldn’t it be easier to make all trucks push button instead of having one trim level with a key? Or wouldn’t it be easier to use one kind of headlight instead of 2?
  18. This feature caught me by surprise! (Column Shifter)

    You are probably right! Like i said i usually am not belted in until i’m driving down the road and the dinging makes me and enough to put it on!
  19. This feature caught me by surprise! (Column Shifter)

    I think it does it either way but I don’t wear seatbelt often
  20. This feature caught me by surprise! (Column Shifter)

    It also does it if you open the door while in drive or reverse…i didn’t find that as neat!!